Basic Guide to Email Marketing

Posted on 04. Jun, 2011 by in Marketing

Launching an email marketing campaign may be one of the most valued and cost-effective marketing techniques to increase your return on investment and traffic to your website. Marketing techniques are crucial in today‚Äôs business world as the competition for business is fierce. E-commerce is running like wild fire and we need to keep up with […]

How to make your direct mail stand out

Posted on 26. May, 2011 by in Marketing

As we are working on a number of Direct Mail campaigns right now, we thought we would give our top tips for making your Direct Mails stand out. Why is it worth spending a little more? $3,000 spent to reach 5000 people with a .01% success rate is 5 customers. $3000 spent to reach 1000 […]

37 great Guerilla Marketing Ideas Pt1

Posted on 10. Apr, 2011 by in Marketing

We thought we would throw down Guerilla marketing ideas that any business can use, right now, that are low cost and high impact. Anyone can try these right now to increase their list of prospective customers and to drive traffic to their website or online store. Most of these marketing ideas are free. If you […]

Direct Mail vs SEO

Posted on 25. Jan, 2011 by in direct mail, SEO

So, should you spend $1000 on a Direct Mail campaign, or should you spend $1000 on being number one? There are a lot of things to consider, and it shouldn’t necessarily be an either/or proposition. However there are some cases when it is clearly worthwhile spending the money on one or the other. Both Direct […]

10 ways to boost your Direct Mail

Posted on 24. Jan, 2011 by in direct mail, Marketing

The problem with most Direct Mail is that it ends up in the bin as junk. The main reasons for this is all poorly constructed Direct Mail looks the same. So here are some things you can do that won’t cost you much, that will increase your chances of being read. Ask your printer about […]

FREE – Direct Mail Worm Words

Posted on 06. Aug, 2010 by in Advertising, direct mail

Nothing is truly free, there is always a cost to someone, even if it is just time. If you are providing a service, and you give something away, not only is there a cost associated with your time, but there is also an opportunity cost where you could have charged for that service. Offering something […]

Pictures worth a thousand words – Direct Mail rule #1

Posted on 25. Jun, 2010 by in direct mail, Marketing

The is really only one rule to direct mail pieces that surprise, and that is creativity. We get hundreds of direct mail pieces every week, and they all look the same, are written in the same boring copy, and have the same SCREAMING offers on the front. There really is only one secret to great […]

Direct Mail For Lawyers Guide

Posted on 27. May, 2010 by in direct mail, How To, Marketing, Tutorials

Direct Mail can be a powerful way for lawyers to get information to potential clients. Even in the age of internet marketing, more and more companies are returning to direct mail as a method of reaching potential customers. Direct Mail can also be used to send important information to current clients. Here are 5 quick […]

10 ways plumbers can improve their direct mail flyers

Posted on 11. May, 2010 by in direct mail, How To, Marketing, Tutorials

Every week we receive up to 5 different flyers from local plumbing companies offering their services. Every week different companies advertise and send out the same looking flyers expecting someone to give them a call back. Advertising to us is a bad idea for two reasons; We don’t own our office and the building is […]

10 ways restaurants can improve their direct marketing

Posted on 19. Apr, 2010 by in Cafe, How To, Marketing, Tutorials

There are a few things that EVERY direct marketing flyer MUST have in order to improve your chances of the contact calling you. In the context of a restaurant, these are; A core offer. Think something like “Children Eat Free on Tuesdays“. Even if you are just sending out a menu, there must be a […]