Tough Mudder – A Marketing Case Study

Posted on 30. Apr, 2010 by in Branding, Marketing

Tough Mudder is every action man’s fantasy. It is a grueling seven mile race through muddy hills, cold water and burning bales of Hay. What started out as part of the Harvard Business School’s Business Plan contest is swiftly becoming a rising star of endurance races in America. During the Business Plan contest, judges felt […]

French Sheldon Web Design

Posted on 30. Apr, 2010 by in Web Design, Wordpress

French Sheldon is a wholesaler of leather and PVC handbags and purses. They asked Creative Development to create a website that would showcase their range of over 60 products. Creative Development created their website using the world class WordPress system, which allows them to regularly update their range quickly and without excess costs. We optimised […]

Hidden Pizza Restaurant – A Wasted Opportunity

Posted on 27. Apr, 2010 by in Cafe, Marketing, Retail, Social Media, WOM

For those that have not followed the social media buzz, here is a brief outline on what “Hidden Pizza Restaurant” was all about. At the start of April, an alleged Tony Fazio started a marketing campaign saying if you found his Hidden Pizza Restaurant, you could get free pizza. Who doesn’t like FREE PIZZA? Melbourne […]

10 ways restaurants can improve their direct marketing

Posted on 19. Apr, 2010 by in Cafe, How To, Marketing, Tutorials

There are a few things that EVERY direct marketing flyer MUST have in order to improve your chances of the contact calling you. In the context of a restaurant, these are; A core offer. Think something like “Children Eat Free on Tuesdays“. Even if you are just sending out a menu, there must be a […]

Top WordPress Tutorials for April

Posted on 13. Apr, 2010 by in Tutorials, Wordpress

We often use WordPress to build websites for our clients. So we thought we would throw together the top tutorials for wordpress on the web right now. 9 Handy Twitter Plugins for WordPress Blogs 10 WordPress Traffic Builder Plugins That Work 45+ Fresh WordPress Tutorials, Techniques and Hacks 40 Excellent Web Design Tutorials for Busy […]

AOL might dump Bebo – marketing laws still stand

Posted on 08. Apr, 2010 by in Marketing, Social Media

AOL purchased Bebo for $850 million two years ago, it now looks like they are going to reduce focus on the social netw0rking number 3. The move was a headscratcher in the first place because it was $270 million more than newscorp had paid for MySpace. It was also a headscratcher because the competitive landscape, […]

Today’s best links – facebook, seo, landing pages

Posted on 07. Apr, 2010 by in Marketing

The top fan pages on Facebook Businesses have started to use and develop facebook pages more and more. The top fan pages on Facebook, such as Rita’s have used some very creative techniques to grow their Facebook profile. Largely, the top pages on facebook are what you would expect, those that are built around either […]

8 ways law firms can use social media

Posted on 05. Apr, 2010 by in Marketing, SEO, Social Media

There is a great post over at Inside Facebook on the best practices for Law firms using Facebook. Here is a list of some lawyers actively using Facebook. Tillman Law Firm Klun Law Firm The Ferrell Law Firm, P.C. Rasansky Law Firm Social media is proving to be a low cost and effective way for […]