Email Marketing- A Very Good SEO Tool

Posted on 27. Feb, 2012 by in direct mail

One of the very old internet marketing techniques that is still in good standing is the email marketing. It uses the simplest and cheapest method of sending texts, images and videos about various products and services to the prospective customers through customized mails in their inbox.E mail marketing has a distinct and unique perspective even […]

Facebook Advertising vs Google Adwords

Posted on 20. Feb, 2012 by in Advertising, Adwords, Google, Social Media

Facebook Facebook reaches 37% of the Australian population, with people spending an average of 20 minutes on the site per day. Unlike other websites, Facebook users are there socially, interacting and sharing more information than on any other medium. Advertising with Facebook is easy to set up, and it takes no time at all to […]

How to Use Google Plus Effectively?

Posted on 14. Feb, 2012 by in Social Media

The new social networking platform launched by Google known as the Google Plus provides the right interactive experience to the users. The design of Google plus is very simple but it can create lasting impact among friends and colleagues. In the social networking scene it has certain edge over Facebook and Twitter by features and […]

Exit Pages vs Bounce Rate

Posted on 08. Feb, 2012 by in Analytics

Bounce Rate is the number of visitors that land on a page/site and leave before navigating any further. Exit Rate is the number of visitors that leave your site from a given page based on the number of visits to that page. Why are they important? Bounce rate will tell you if your content is interesting […]

Responsive Web Designing

Posted on 06. Feb, 2012 by in Web Design

The internet and communication technologies have grown to many new areas like mobile computing, smart phones, tablet pcs and more. These rapid developments within a few years have demanded greater responsibilities to the web designers to accommodate websites and blogs in many of the multiple devices available today. This technical competence to prepare websites for […]

Ways To Use Google Remarketing

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by in Adwords

We already visited Google Remarketing so we thought we could run through some clever ways to use it in marketing. All you have to do is drop the code onto a specific page, and then make sure you ads are targeting those that have been added to the list.  Location Aim Facebook Page Target customers who […]

Remarketing with Google Adwords

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by in Adwords

Google Adwords Remarketing is a new(ish) feature that allows you to target people who have visited your site already. Google sells it as a way to “cross-sell, up-sell, and promote other relevant products: surround sound systems or DVD players, for example.” Just a note, you can target people with Remarketing regardless of source. A customer […]

AIDA Keyword Choices

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by in Adwords, SEO

When moving through the buying cycle, the purchaser uses particular keywords in their search for answers. The goal of a search marketing expert is to make sure their website, or their brand/product is appearing at each stage of the cycle. Here is a range of ideas that will help you select the right range of […]