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The second most potent form of direct marketing is telemarketing.  Creative Development us an effective telemarketing process involving two or more calls. The first call determines the customer’s needs. The final, follow-up,  call motivates the customer to make a purchase.

A Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study showed that telemarketing led a list of a dozen different direct response media in terms of response rates. With a 5.78 response rate, the medium well out paced the next closest rivals, which tended to average about two percent.  Response Rates;

Telemarketing: 5.78

Direct mail: 1.88

Email: 1.12

Magazine: 0.13

Radio: 0.1

Newspaper: 0.09

Tips to improve your telemarketing;


  1. Have a primary objective for every call
  2. Treat the screener as you would the customer–this person determines whether or not you’ll even have a chance to speak with the buyer.
  3. Gather as much information as you can from whomever you are able, prior to speaking with your prospect.
  4. If leaving a message on voice mail, or with a screener, be certain it offers a hint of a benefit/result that sparks curiosity, but doesn’t talk about products/services.
  5. Get information before you give it. How could you make an effective presentation otherwise?
  6. Only talk about your product/service after knowing specifically how it will solve the problem.
  7. When objections occur, resist the tendency to attack in defense. You must back up and revisit the questioning stage of the call. The voiced objection is simply a symptom of the real problem. Start by saying, “Let’s talk about that.”
  8. Summarize agreed-to actions by both parties, including what happened, what they’re interested in, and what will happen next. And set the agenda for the next call. Makes it so much easier to prepare for the follow-up call, and helps you avoid starting calls with the useless question, “I sent you the material, didja get it?”, or “Whatdidja think?” For example, “Ok Pat, I’ll send the proposal detailing the quantity price breaks. What you’ll do is compare that to what you’re getting now, and if we’re within 5%, you’ll agree to a trial order on our next call, is that right?”
  9. As a sales professional using the phone as your main method of communication, you perform a function that very few people in the world could do well, or would even want to try. And that’s persuading someone to take action and make a decision, based almost solely on the words and ideas that come from your mouth. It’s quite an awesome feat when you think about it. And do think about it. It takes a talented individual to be able to do that well. You are that person. Feel proud of what you do, and always strive to get better!

Prospective customers are targetted using a variety of measures, including past purchase history, previous requests for information,competition entry forms, and application forms. Creative Development may also purchase a database or obtain one from scraping a telephone directory or another public list. The qualification process is intended to determine which customers are most likely to purchase the product or service.

Telemarketing techniques are also applied to other forms of electronic marketing using e-mail or fax message. One potent method of telemarketing is combining it with a physical form such as direct marketing.

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