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Developing a marketing plan is the first step in the marketing process. Marketing plans should be based around a company, however a marketing plan can also be created for one product, as well as to an organisation’s overall marketing strategy.

Is your business consistently generating leads? Are you always chasing business or are clients coming to you for more? Marketing is the revenue generating function of your Business. All your marketing should be generating business in a measurable way for you.

We can create for you an integrated marketing communications plan and program that will constantly create new business opportunities for you. We use our marketing skills to combine PR, Web Design, Direct Marketing, Web Marketing and traditional sales to make sure you will always have a steady stream of business leads coming in.

Your business strategy will dictacte what your marketing plan looks like. Within the overall strategic marketing plan, the marketing planning process contains the following stages:

  • Mission statement – Dilbert has a great mission statement generator. However I would suggest your mission statement should be something that envokes emotion and passion in employees and customers.
  • Corporate objectives – These are the broad objectives resulting from the firm’s mission statement.
  • Marketing audit – An audit of all marketing processes within a firm. It highlights areas needing improvement, and which areas requiring  modification, prior to the development of the marketing plan.
  • SWOT analysis
  • Assumptions arising from the marketing audit and SWOT analysis
  • Marketing objectives derived from the assumptions
  • An estimation of the expected results of the objectives
  • Identification of alternative plans or mixes
  • Budgeting for the marketing plan
  • A first-year implementation program

A creative and innovative marketing plan can set a company apart from its competitors from the beginning.

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