Social Media: Analytics You Can Use to Boost Your Page’s Performance

Posted on 05. Jun, 2013 by in Social Media

Web designers can use a variety of tools that track how people use a website, how often they visit certain sites and how much overall traffic one site gets compared to others. By targeting specific types of data, they can determine which tools are effective and which ones don’t work as well as they had […]

The Multi-Channel Funnels (MCF) and Some Essentials

Posted on 14. May, 2013 by in Analytics

To give you better marketing performance in a simple and innovative approach, Google Analytics has set up the Multi-Channel Funnels tool. This tool aims at assisting the marketers to understand difficult issues of marketing like – influence on early stage marketing by different metrics, measurement of conversion actions that can’t be gripped through bots or […]

Why Conversion Reports Vary For Same Social Site?

Posted on 07. May, 2013 by in Analytics

A very frequently faced complain about Google Analytics is the unmatched number of social conversions for an indifferent site, showed by different reports at the same time. If you have noticed the same but ignored without solving the issue, you must have put this behavior to your complain box. Amusingly, after reading this blog, u […]

Exit Pages vs Bounce Rate

Posted on 08. Feb, 2012 by in Analytics

Bounce Rate is the number of visitors that land on a page/site and leave before navigating any further. Exit Rate is the number of visitors that leave your site from a given page based on the number of visits to that page. Why are they important? Bounce rate will tell you if your content is interesting […]

SEO Analytics – 4 Ways To Improve ROI on SEO

Posted on 21. Nov, 2011 by in Analytics, SEO

  Modern marketing methods allow you to track your ROI at every step of a campaign. Long story short, if you are not optimising your campaign for ROI, then you are probably throwing money down the drain. Google Analytics, and a range of other tools, allow you to calculate where you are making your money […]