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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a great method of building leads, because it can be carried out in grades and the results can be measured directly. Also, you can test your results against a wide range of variables for very little marginal cost. If a business sends out one thousand packages to potential clients, and five hundred customers respond, the marketer can say that the program led directly to the responses. This way a clear cost benefit analysis can be carried out. In some other marketing methods, as there can be no clear direct response from a potential customer, similar measurement of a response is often indirect.

Creative Development uses only the best media to deliver a Direct Marketing to a customer. Probably the most commonly used method of delivering direct marketing is traditional snail mail. However, Creative Development have used a wide variety of other media, and delivery methods, to create clever direct marketing campagins.

The average response rate for the industry-specific campaigns is about 2.61% going as high as 5.35%. We have delivered Direct Mail Campaigns that have delivered up to 10% response rate. There are a few key pointws to improving response rates in Direct Marketing;

  1. Make sure you have the right target group, you can buy lists that have people “ready to buy”
  2. Personlise the piece as much as possible
  3. Test test test, run small batches until you know you have the best response
  4. Ask you clients which offers appeal to them
  5. Make sure you feature the product
  6. Emphasise what it is that the client will get from the product
  7. Use a strong call to action
  8. Make sure you list benefits not features
  9. Use testimonials

Creative Development will refine a direct mail campaign to create a targeted creative mailing, in which mail is sent out to a targetted database to the most potent recipients most likely to respond with a sale. Clients with customers who have demonstrated an interest in their products will be targetted to receive direct mail for related products or perhaps for goods and services that are appropriate for them directly. This is why we recommend clients to always build a database of prospects, so that the opportunity for direct marketing is always increasing.

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