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eCommerce Consultant

eCommerce ConsultantTurbo Charge Your Shopping Cart

Creative Development has designed and develops shopping carts and eCommerce systems for over 10 years. In that time we have learned a few things about optimising an ecommerce system to get the most out of it. Our clients successfully sell in a wide range of industries, from baby products to wholesale restaurant supplies. We have use a range of tools and methods to increase sales for your business, and generate new customers.

Web Analytics

The first part of any consultation is to look at your web analytics, and see if there is any particular drop rates for your products. Are your clients getting to the shopping cart, and leaving? Do you have customers returning to your website, but not viewing any products at all? A lot of these questions can be answered by looking through your analytics and analysing the results. It will also tell us if there are any current sources of traffic that are converting higher than others. Do you have particular keywords that convert more often than others?

SEO Analysis

Most eCommerce websites understand the importance of being number one in search engines. However do you know how to get to number one? Is your eCommerce website missing a few key ingredients that search engines look for? Most search engines, including Google, look for a standard set of information patterns in a website to grade whether that page should rank well. Changing some parts of the structure could make all the difference. Also, increasing your rank for particular keywords can increase the traffic to your site exponentially. The number one rank in Google gets 50% of all clicks for that keyword, so moving up from page two to page one can increase your traffic ten fold, for just one keyword.

Marketing/Niche recommendations

Sometimes the difference between one customer and hundreds can be the way your business is marketed. We can look at your competitors, and your niche, and make recommendations based on how your are placed in your market. Taking on one or two more products can sometimes be all it takes to bring the right traffic to your site. Also changing your delivery conditions can increase your sell through, and if your competitors offer better terms, that could be the difference.

Advertising and Promotion

Google Adwords reaches 70% of the global online population, and reaches 99% of ALL Australians. There are many different advertising and promotional methods you can use to grow your business, and some start as low as $1 for a year. Even budgets as small as $50 a month can give a significant boost to web traffic an clients. We can help you with your advertising and marketing plan to deliver significant results. We have experience with everything from Facebook to Twitter as social media marketing as well.

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