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Sydney SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Sydney SEO Consultants

Are you looking to increase your position in search engines? Do you need someone to help you improve the presence of your business online? We are a marketing agency that also have expertise as Sydney SEO Consultants. All our web designs conform to the latest in SEO trends.

We will improve your Google ranking

Over a period of the last 10 years, we have improved the search engine ranking of every client we have worked with. Our clients range from small to large and work in a range of industries. Have a look at some of our most recent SEO results below.

Organisation KeywordsOur Search Results
LSE ConsultingLSE ConsultingGoogle Results
Bondi PilatesBondi PilatesPilates classes bondiGoogle ResultsGoogle Results
Brother MaxBrother MaxGoogle Results
MG PropertyProperty Builders BondiGoogle Results
French SheldonBasido wholesale handbagsGoogle Results
JM InsulationJM InsulationJM Insulation Australia

Johns Manville Insulation

Google ResultsGoogle Results

Google Results

Ablaze RecruitmentAblaze RecruitmentAblaze IT Jobs

IT SME Sales Job

Google ResultsGoogle Results

Google Results Lane CoveGoogle Results


We will increase your sales

Good SEO is not just about improve search position, it is about targeting clients that will give you sales. You want customers coming to your website and taking action, not just leaving straight away. That is about reducing the bounce rate, and increasing the number of long tail keywords you target.

We use a range of methods

We don’t just rely on link building, or tweaking the on page factors of your website. We will increase the social media exposure, write more engaging content and do whatever it takes to bring you results. We are a marketing company, so we don’t just rely on out dated, or incorrect, methods. As SEO Consultants, we would appreciate being able to create content for your website as well. Building a website profile without building top quality content is very difficult, if not impossible in competitive industries.

What does an SEO Consultant cost?

The cost of a program depends on what you want to achieve and the industry you are working in. The minimum you can expect to pay is $500 a month, which would get most businesses to the front page of their chosen search engine. However keywords and industries that have a lot of competition or are very valuable will mean that more work is needed.

We will not charge you anything more, if you do not reach the goals we set.

What do you we offer as SEO Services ?

We can utilise everything from Link Building to Article Submission to just improving the way your website works. Every customer is different, and every industry is different. We can improve your visibility on Facebook and Twitter, which will make people more likely to link to you organically, which will in turn increase your position.

So what is your SEO process?

We have a fairly standard process that we work through when we are building an SEO project.

  1. Objective analysis – We look at what you want to achieve, and how long that will take.
  2. Competitive analysis – Google looks at your website in comparison to your competition. We would have a look at what you competitors are doing to rank well, and this will give us an idea of how easy the process will be.
  3. Keyword Research– We want to aim for high traffic keywords AND keywords that will bring clients, but might not be high traffic. People searching for pricing are not likely to buy right away, but people searching for your address are definitely in your market. It is a case of working on several factors that people are exposed to in the buying cycle.
  4. Site Analysis – The easiest things to get right are the on-page factors on a website. We will make recommendations based on what you need to do to the structure of your website, not just from an SEO perspective but also from a conversion perspective..
  5. Goals – All our plans have monthly goals, so you know what you are getting yourself in for, and we can measure our own performance.
  6. Action Pans – As we are moving through the SEO process, we will give you a list of what we are doing and when we are going to do it. This way you know we are not doing anything that is considered black hat or against guidelines. More importantly you know you are getting SEO that is value for money.
  7. Link Building – With our exclusive technology we will find the best places to generate quality links back to your company.
  8. Content Creation – If the content was an art, we would be Renaissance masters! We use original content creators from around the world to build a site worthy of being linked to! We also build link secondary sources such as blogs to increase the weight of each link.
  9. Submitting to directories and search engines – there are still some directories and search engines, making search engine weight. Again, we use our own methods to find those who are worthy of our time.
  10. Ongoing Monitoring – We use a range of tools to continuously monitor the performance of your website and what your clients are doing. We use this monitoring to make up to the second changes to your search promotion plan.
  11. Continuous improvement – We always work to improve the results for your business. Our systems allow us to make small and big changes on the fly minute by minute to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

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