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Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO is all about being in the right place at the right time. Unless you are one of the major aggregators, eg: Domain/Seek, there is very little point in trying to optimise for “New Homes Sydney”, because you are coming up against massive players for the front page. The key to good SEO on a real estate website is to focus on keywords that are low hanging fruit, and on keywords that will generate the right sort of leads for you. Good Real Estate SEO works by increasing the number of hits to your site for property buyers, as well as increasing the reach of your site for vendors.

That is where our expertise comes in. We can also deliver a PPC campaign using Google Adwords. This will allow you to promote individual properties to over 90% of Australians. The core of our real estate program is that we aim to increase the number of conversions through your site.

SEO that Delivers ROI

We use a combination of analytics and rank tracking to deliver increased rank in the major search engines, and conversions of your goal, whether that is more properties, more sales or more corporate clients. Based on our extensive SEO expertise, we can increase your

For each SEO campaign we select keywords that we measure our performance against, and those keywords would be “critical” to the program. In our experience the best thing is to pick half a dozen critical keywords that will increase visibility of the site, and then just track other ones. Clients can always change the keywords if you find that they are not generating sales, or if you rank number one for them within the first few weeks.

We can track the ranking of hundreds of keywords, but we select a few critical targets that will generate leads.

Why SEO for Real Estate?

Why is SEO important to Real Estate businesses? All searches for property, property managers or real estate agents start online. Within a month of searching for the right property, a buyer will visit up to 60 different websites. We can make sure you are top of the list, and that they will keep coming back. If a buyer goes to or, you are losing control over the flow of information.

What does it cost for SEO Services?

We have two different types of program our Real Estate SEO launch package starts at $600 per month, and our ongoing SEO program starts at $400 a month. The cost can vary extremely from one agency to the next. Some clients have very little competition, and we can easily get your website to rank number one within a few months.

Real Estate SEO

We will not charge you anything more, if you do not reach the goals we set.

What do you do to promote my website?

We use a variety of techniques to improve your position in Google. The main one is creating and using Search Engine Assets such as blogs, forums and secondary websites. This has the effect of your business being listed in not one position, but several positions on the front page. It also means that your SEO campaign will keep working for you, even when you stop concentrating on it.

Are the links you create permanent?

This seems to be a common question from people looking for SEO services. No one can guarantee that the information that is put on the web will stay there forever. We generate quality content and get links from places that have not changed in five years, but we can’t guarantee they won’t disappear tomorrow.

So what will you actually do for SEO?

As part of our SEO program we will also carry out the following for you;

  1. SEO report and objective analysis – This includes a break down of how long it will take, and what we will need to do to reach your goals.
  2. Competitive analysis – The first thing we do is take a look at your competition. It is the most reliable indicator of what needs to be done to promote your website. We then make recommendations as to what we can do to compete in that space.
  3. Analysis and research – Not all keywords and tactics are created equal. The top ranking keywords may not be the best for generating revenue. We look at all the keywords customers are using and a)spread the load across all keywords and b) target unusual keywSEOords that might generate more revenue. We select one, two and three word phrases for maximum impact.We also compare those words to what is already out there to make sure we are hitting the right customers.
  4. Site Analysis – We have a look at your current website and make recommendations for the technology you use and what to change. Often a company may be missing out because their website is not set up properly. We have an exclusive range of tools that will unearth key aspects of your site you may need to change.
  5. Set measurable goals – We set monthly targets, which could include improved search engine rankings, leads and sales, or pure SEO goals as links back and sides of the optimized content.
  6. Develop an action plan – We create a plan our clients agree on, setting the keyword phrase list and specific composition of the Search Engine Optimisation tactics to meet objectives
  7. On page optimization – The first major steps to increase your position in on-page optimization. We use our own technology to transform the way your site works, maximize the natural ways to improve your site’s visibility.
  8. Link Building – With our exclusive technology we will find the best places to generate quality links back to your company.
  9. Content Creation – If the content was an art, we would be Renaissance masters! We use original content creators from around the world to build a site worthy of being linked to! We also build link secondary sources such as blogs to increase the weight of each link.
  10. Submitting to directories and search engines – there are still some directories and search engines, making search engine weight. Again, we use our own methods to find those who are worthy of our time.
  11. Ongoing Monitoring – We use a range of tools to continuously monitor the performance of your website and what your clients are doing. We use this monitoring to make up to the second changes to your search promotion plan.
  12. Continuous improvement – We always work to improve the results for your business. Our systems allow us to make small and big changes on the fly minute by minute to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

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