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MYOB eCommerce and Shopping Cart

Our MYOB eCommerce integration is enabled by our partnership with software company Straight Sell. We use their ecommerce integration platform specifically for use with MYOB and other accounting packages. All our designs are custom built to suit the needs of the customer.

CMS and eCommerce Facilities Built In!

Our systems allow you to make changes whenever you want, by hand, or by using the link direct from MYOB. This means you can keep your website fresh and up to date without involving a developer.

Uploaded from MYOB Software to website:

  • Inventory Item Details and Stock Levels
  • Customer and Customer Details
  • Customer Special Pricing
  • Customer Invoices

Downloaded from website into MYOB Software:

  • Sales Orders or Invoices
  • Payments on Sales Orders and Customer Invoices
  • New Customer and Customer Details

CMS Functions with our MYOB eCommerce packages.

  • WYSIWYG editor without needing to know HTML.
  • The ability to upload and assign images to products
  • Send a personalised email newsletter to each customer.
  • SEO functions like title and description tags
  • Monitor web usage with Website Statistics.
  • A form generator that allows you to create forms for your website that contain whatever specific fields you need in them.
  • A freight page for setting up freight terms for your customers.
  • The ability to upload freight rate spreadsheets from your freight providers that can then be used to calculate the freight that is applicable to a web orders.
  • Multiple freight options with ability to define the default, or to restrict specific freight options to specific customers.
  • The ability to upload and download buyers, products, product associations, and other contacts in a tab delimited text file format.

CatalogueLINK is a tried and tested system that enables integration from the MYOB Software accounting system product range to your eCommerce website, and vice versa. Partnered with a standard look and feel website (Standard Design) or a custom look and feel website (Custom Design) the MYOB Software eCommerce integration delivered by CatalogueLINK will save your business time and money! No more time lost to manual data entry, or trying to find and correct errors from bad data entry work!

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