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SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design

What does it cost for SEO Web Design Services?

Our basic cost for web design is $1500 inc GST. For this we will create a web design that is unique, and we will start to promote your website to number one on Google. In some circumstances, if there is very little competition in your industry we can teach you how to carry out your own SEO process, and save you a lot of money.

Our web designs will be the best start your business can get to be the top of your industry. We will then show you how to get to number one in your industry.

So what will you actually do for SEO Web Design?

As part of our SEO Web Designs we will also carry out the following for you;

  1. Standard Compliant. We build our websites to have little to zero errors and be standards compliant. If you want a website that is active and up to date, there will never be zero errors.
  2. Search Friendly. We use all the latest in meta tags, and even the new HTML schema, to ensure that your website will have the maximum chance of being found.
  3. Launched to Search Engines. When your website is complete, we will not just post your website on the web and then leave it, we will also start to build a profile for your website to ensure that you start to see customers immediately.
  4. Blog enabled. Most of our websites will have a blog enabled already, which will allow you to continually update and ad content to your website.
  5. Eye catching design.We will make sure your website converts for you. A static, boring website, will never create customers for you. Our websites always create customers for our clients.

What do you do to promote my website?

We use a variety of techniques to improve your position in Google. The main one is creating and using Search Engine Assets such as blogs, forums and secondary websites. This has the effect of your business being listed in not one position, but several positions on the front page. It also means that your SEO campaign will keep working for you, even when you stop concentrating on it.

Are the links you create permanent?

This seems to be a common question from people looking for SEO services. No one can guarantee that the information that is put on the web will stay there forever. We generate quality content and get links from places that have not changed in five years, but we can’t guarantee they won’t disappear tomorrow.



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