Searches for SEO Services Declined in April

Posted on 15. Jun, 2011 by in SEO

The graph above shows the average search volumes in Australia for keyword terms associated with SEO and broad basket of keywords. Using Google Keyword tool, we pulled up the data for over 700 keywords used in the last year. The first batch was for terms relating to just SEO and the second batch was a broad […]

Cost of Australian Adwords falls 10% in October

Posted on 22. Oct, 2010 by in Advertising, Adwords, adwords-cost, Google

In our monthly survey into the cost of Google Adwords, we have found that the average cost of advertising on Google has fallen by about 10% from an average cost of $3.73, which when normalised for competition becomes $1.50,  to $3.36 ($1.31). A slight fall in competition by 0.001 was matched by the fall in […]

SEO: How to choose the right keywords for your websites

Posted on 22. Jan, 2010 by in Marketing, SEO

  When you are building a website, before you do anything else, you should understand what keywords you are going to build your website around. This is good SEO practice. Search engines look for keywords that best describe the webpage being indexed. Before you build your website you need to know what people are searching […]