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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is now shaping to be the most cost effective method of marketing. Established as a response to the growth inconsumers on the internet, now incorporates search engine marketing, online video, social networks, email marketing, mobile marketing and a variety of interactive channels to suit current consumer trends. With Digital Marketing strategies, the internet, TV, Radio and Print are no longer the only means of attracting audiences and raising revenue.


A professional website is the main starting point of a Digital Marketing campaign. Websites are the main interface  between business and consumer. The internet and website can be used a tool by your, and more importantly your competitors. A well-designed, functional website promotes a consistent brand image and affords a permanent point of sales lead generation.

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing for search engines is a growing industry. Utilising SEO technologies, Digital Marketing organisations can enable businesses to increase visibility for specific search terms with Google, MSN and Yahoo! By doing so, bespoke Digital Marketing solutions can increase the number of hits on a website, and so, sales leads generated by a business.

Online Video

Online Video represents an opportunity for savvy Digital Marketing companies to cash in on an emerging industry. Because the internet dominates all forms of media during the purchase process, online video capitalises on a uniquely engaged, active audience. Testimonials, announcements, webinars, product demonstrations, commercials and RSS Feeds account for only a small proportion of online video use.

Social Networks

A social networking site can be an incredibly successful tool to complement existing Digital Marketing strategies. Social networking sites are low-cost, more ‘conversation’ than ‘call-to-action’ and promoted as meeting emerging consumer demands for immediacy and frequency of communication. Social networking has proven best utilised for increasing an already established brand-presence and providing an avenue for interaction between business and consumer.

Email Marketing

Newsletters, mail-outs, invitations, promotions and business communications should be the secondary tool of digital marketing behind a website. Email marketing can provide cost-effective, measureable Digital Marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing promotes your business to an increasingly-mobile consumer base who are looking for convenience over content . A .mobi-site, a website with mobile browsing compatibility, is fast becoming a key component of today’s Digital Marketing strategy. With more and more consumers turning their attention to mobile internet, the ability to supply up-to-date, accessible information is in great demand.

Why Choose Creative Development?

Creative Development has expanded its Digital Marketing solutions to target the latest consumer trends. From offline to mobile marketing, Creative Development does it all. Boasting a portfolio of satisfied clients, Creative Development has the experience, credibility and advertising nous to satisfy all your requirements.

  • We are results focussed. It is not enough that we create stunning web designs for you and your company. We also create material that will create sales and prompt the customer to action.
  • We are low cost. We use the right blend of senior designers and desktop publishers to make sure that project costs are kept low.
  • We are quick. We have turned around entire websites over night. We have created direct mail campaigns in an afternoon. The campaigns also created amazing results too.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Not happy with the end result? We will give your money back, no questions asked.

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