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Search Engine Optimization Guarantee

We off a standard guarantee on all our Search Engine Optimisation programs.

We will not charge you any more until you reach your SEO goal.

The cost for an SEO campaign can vary extremely from one business to the next. In some circumstances, if there is very little competition in your industry we can teach you how to carry out your own SEO process.

However, our basic SEO package starts at $500 per month up to a maximum of $1500. This basically means that if, after 3 months we have not achieved the goals we set, then you don’t have to pay any more. It works as a search engine optimisation guarantee. We will not charge you anything more, if you do not reach the goals we set.

What do you do to SEO my website?

We use a variety of techniques to improve your position in Google. The main one is, as we said, creating and using  Search Engine Assets such as blogs and forums. This has the effect of your business being listed in not one position, but several positions on the front page.

What other SEO Services do you perform?

For a full list of our SEO services, go to our SEO page. Briefly we also offer these services as part of our SEO packages;

If you are looking for a Sydney SEO agency then look no further. Use the contact form on the right, or email us at for more information.

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