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Website Submission

Google is Australia’s most popular search engine. It has become critical to have a top website submission in Google. In the period 2007-2008, 87.81% of all searches conducted in Australia were done via Google. Year upon year Google continues to increase its market dominance, achieving 11.79% growth in this period over the previous year (Hitwise, 2008). Google is the world’s most powerful search engine, attracting almost nine out of ten searches conducted overall. Search engines remain the primary way that internet users navigate to key industry categories and find information regarding the products and services they buy.

Research, dedicated to the study of the behavior of search engine users has proven that when your website has a website submission in the top three organic results it will generate the most traffic. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The eye naturally reads left to right, top of page to bottom of page. This instinct is no different for someone reading a result in a search engine to someone reading a newspaper or novel.
  • A top website submission is the most visible to the search engine user.
  • The search engine user considers the top website submission to be the most relevant to their search, then the second search result to be the second most relevant, the third to be the next most relevant, and so forth. The chance of a search engine user trusting a result decreases dramatically with each website submission down the page.
  • The top three search engine results generated by the search engine are the most convenient and the easiest for the user to access. A top website submission means minimal effort for the search engine user.

Website Submission

It is also highly unlikely that the user will proceed to results that have a website submission beyond the first page. This is why it is so critical you have a high website submission and can be easily found at the top of the first page in Google, Australia’s most popular search engine.

In an age where search engines have become one of the most powerful mediums for information dispersion, a critical need for a top website submission has arisen. Companies that incorporate a Search Engine Marketing focus into their media mix can have greater success across their entire marketing strategy. This is because an effective website submission can be felt across all other mediums, perhaps even leading to the ultimate success of other marketing methods. For example: A consumer sees a company’s brand on an alternate campaign, such as a billboard or TV advertisement. This stimulates their interest in the company’s product. The consumer will then go on to search for the product category in Google. At this stage, their trust in the brand is likely to be strengthened, if they in turn find it in a top website submission. They then click-through to the website since their brand recall is heightened by multiple brand interactions. Hence, the advertisement has assisted the search engine campaign and the search engine campaign has assisted to further the success of the advertisement.

Exa has established a reputation for being the most successful company in Australia for attaining its clients’ a top website submission . Creative can propel your website to the top of Google and other search engines for your business and industry’s most heavily contested keywords and search terms.

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