Are Facebook “Likes” “Clicks” mainly fake?

Posted on 31. Jul, 2012 by in Marketing, Social Media

Fake Likes

  Limited Run, a startup that makes a software platform for musicians and labels says it has reached the final straw with its experience as a small business advertising on Facebook. The core issue is that they say they have discovered 80 percent of the clicks it is receiving on Facebook appear to be coming from […]


Posted on 29. Jul, 2012 by in Marketing

Done Open University have an advertising campaign running that asks people to search for “done” to find out more. A general search on Google brings up their ad at the top of the page through Adwords. So basically, they are paying for the TV ad, and paying to get people to click on their ad. […]

27 Ideas For Google Adwords Ads

Posted on 16. Jul, 2012 by in Adwords, Adwords-SEO

Here are 50 ideas for lines that you can put in your Google Adwords ads. For each ad group you should have at least 5 ads, and each campaign should have around 10 ad groups, so you should be thinking of 50 different ads whenever you set up a new campaign. Here are 50 different […]

Top 10 most frequent Adwords mistakes

Posted on 16. Jul, 2012 by in Adwords, Adwords-SEO

Adwords Mistakes

We carry out an Adwords Audit for new clients, we frequently see customers facing the same problems. Part of the problem is that the Adwords interface is easy to navigate, but often the nuance of the mechanism isn’t properly understood. Also, Google Adwords are meant to drive traffic, and clicks, through to your website, and […]

Sydney SEO Google+ Circle

Posted on 10. Jul, 2012 by in SEO

We are updating our Google+ Circle for Sydney SEO Consultants. You can find our Sydney SEO Circle here. To be in the circle there are 4 things everyone needs to be/do. 1. Be in Sydney and be active in SEO. This means posts on your profile about SEO. 2. Plus the post 3. Share the post […]