Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Posted on 26. Jun, 2011 by in Hosting

Before you look at building a website, you need a web host that can store your website and launch it to the world. There are a few things you need to note before you start to look around at what is available; What are you going to do with your site? Is it a blog, […]

Creating a Domain Name

Posted on 26. Jun, 2011 by in Domains

Domain names are the first thing you should think about when setting up your website. It is the name that people will remember when coming to your business. Anyone can purchase cheap or expensive domain names, and selecting the right one can be  crucial to business success. What is a Domain Name? A domain name […]

Domain Name Group are overpriced/unethical

Posted on 24. Jun, 2011 by in Domains

The auDA (the peak domain registration body) has become aware that two companies, called Domain Name Group and Domain Register, are sending unsolicited letters to people holding domains. Both letters are headed “Domain Name Available”. The letter from Domain Name Group sells the equivalent of the registrant’s domain name for $245.00 for 2 […]

The Importance of Keyword Targeted Domains in SEO; Almost Zero

Posted on 14. May, 2010 by in Domains, SEO

There is no doubt that carefully selecting a domain(s) can make a difference to a website. There are not just SEO factors to consider, there is also trust by the customer, branding etc. A few different reasons for selecting a domain may be; Making it memorable Linking the domain to your company name Making to […]