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SEO Speaker – Professional SEO Presenter

Seo speaker

Looking for a professional SEO keynote speaker? We would love to help. Creative Development has presented eCommerce and SEO workshops across Australia and New Zealand, to a wide range of audiences. We have presented as part of David Koch’s business builder, and to small and large corporations alike.

For an example of what we have done for our clients, visit our SEO page.

What kind of SEO presentation do we give?

That is entirely up to the audience. We can start from the beginning and talk about Google’s original PageRank algorithm. We can go right up to date with the latest in social media and SEO, or more complex topics such as how Google’s latest content farm update has affected established businesses.

We can build something completely unique to you and your attendees, for instance we can build specific industry examples of how to optimise your website within your own environment. We can also talk more broadly about how the SEO industry affects retail sales today.

What SEO topics will you cover in your presentation?

There are many topics that can be covered in a session. Every SEO presentation is tailored to suit the audience, and the time given. Broadly we can cover any of the following topics;

  • On page optimisation
  • Website promotion
  • PPC vs SEO
  • What is Black Hat SEO, and how to avoid it.
  • Getting to number one in Google
  • Using the right descriptions for click through
  • Selecting Keywords that sell
  • Competitive analysis
  • How to build a healthy relationship with a search engine
  • Good link building activities
  • Using Google Analytics
  • How to track your website ranking
  • Advanced linkbuilding techniques
  • The effect of recent Google changes on your ranking
  • Up to date training in the latest search engine trends
  • Optimising for Mobile search
  • Optimising for Local search

How much experience do you have in SEO?

All of our presenters have at least 10 years experience in building websites, and optimising for search. We have worked with retail websites such as as well as international B2B businesses such as Ablaze Recruitment.

What other SEO Services do you perform?

For a full list of our SEO services, go to our SEO page. Briefly we also offer these services as part of our SEO packages;

If you are looking for a Sydney SEO agency then look no further. Use the contact form on the right, or email us at for more information.