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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of search engine optimisation. We are a Search Engine Optimisation company. Creative Development offers outstanding seo services to build your website up to the highest rank possible in all search engines.

Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is a part of normal web design and marketing process. It is a free service, and we will do it for you as a normal part of the SEO process. You should never have to pay for Search Engine Submission. Also, there are only a handful of good search engines. Be sceptical of the companies that offer

eCommerce SEO

We carry out eCommerce optimisation. There are a range of activities we can carry out to increase the number of sales through your website. In optimising your site, we can carry out A/B testing, on page SEO, Google Feed optimisation etc. All this is with the main goal of increasing sales through your site.

Increasing ROI

We will continuously measure ROI, using Google Analytics and the goals/conversions you can set up. This will allow us to determine which keywords and users are generating sales for you, and which parts of the website need to be focussed on. Each month we will give you a report that will show you the increases in the ROI that your website has given you.

SEO Training

We can give you a range of SEO Training. Whether you are looking for just a basic overview of what SEO is, and are looking just to maintain your website, all the way through to a four day training session that will allow you to apply your knowledge to any situation. We can cover;

  • What is On page vs Off Page optimisation
  • PPC vs SEO
  • What is Black Hat and White Hat SEO
  • Getting to the front page of Google
  • Using the right meta tags such as H1, Title and Description.
  • Targeting Keywords that sell
  • How to analyse the competition
  • What is ethical, practical, link building
  • Using Website Analytics
  • Tracking your performance
  • Advanced linkbuilding techniques
  • What is Google Panda and how can you tame it?
  • Mobile search trends
  • Local search Changes

Website SEO Testing

There are a range of benchmarks that Google and other search engines use to measure the performance, readability and quality of your website. How do you know how well your website is performing? We can test and show you the analysis of what your website is doing, and how it can be improved.

Conversion improvement

Ecommerce websites need to be optimised for conversion. You need to know that every visitor to your website has the maximum chance of being coverted into a customer. We have use A – B testing, use Google Analytics and a range of other techniques to slowly ratchet up the coversion rate of your website. If you have an ecommerce website, or are selling anything on the web, you need to make sure you customer is going to know what to do to buy from, or interact with, you.

SEO Copywriting

All good SEO is good quality content. You cannot rank your website without increasing the amount of quality content and the way that content is placed on your website. We will build you the content you need to increase your visibility to search engines.

A Search Engine Guarantee

We do offer an SEO guarantee, and that is that we will not charge you any more than quoted until you reach your SEO goal.
The cost for an SEO campaign can vary extremely from one business to the next. In some circumstances, if there is very little competition in your industry we can teach you how to carry out your own SEO process. However, our basic SEO package starts at $500 per month up to a maximum of $1500. This basically means that if, after 3 months we have not achieved the goals we set, then you don’t have to pay any more.

Professional SEO Speaker

Conferences, businesses, even community groups and media are looking at SEO as the next big area in marketing and web promotion. We can come and talk to a range of SEO topics based on the audience. From small interviews to speaking in front of a conference audience, our professional SEO consultants are happy to discuss the latest trends in SEO or what small businesses can do on their own to promote their website.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is probably THE most popular CMS available today. The free and open source platform is now being used by small businesses and large organisations to maintain and manage their website. Optimising specifically for WordPress websites is something that require particular technical skill. We design WordPress templates from scratch, and have even manipulated the humble WordPress platform into a range of other uses. This makes us uniquely placed to make structural changes to your website that will consistently improve the web position of your business.

Magento SEO

A range of businesses use Magento as an eCommerce platform. It has a large cache of features that make it great for larger businesses selling a range of goods and services online. However technically it is a bit of a behemoth. Unlike WordPress, the files the system uses are quite hard to understand for the initiated. That is where our eCommerce experience comes in. We have built eCommerce systems for the last 10 years, and we understand what it takes to make products rank in Search Engines.

Link Building

Link Building outright is not an SEO activity. Links are a form of web promotion and should not be used in isolation. However there are some forms of this web promotion that work better than others. All our linked building packages are specifically designed to build your website’s profile, so we can not give you a generic link building option. However here are some of the things we carry out as part of your link building program.

  • Link Targeting
  • Original content generation and distribution
  • Managed Link Exchange
  • Utilising industry focussed news portals
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Unique Original Directories
  • Article Submission
  • Link Bait
  • Viral Marketing
  • Video Distribution
  • Competitions
  • Community Building

At the end of a every month, you will get a comprehensive report that lists all the links we have generated as part of the program.

Creative Development has a unique and proprietary SEO asset list that we use to build the profile of all our clients’ websites. We build a range of ranked web links that are always relevant and conform to Google’s own link building recommendations. We build links from .edu, .org websites as well as utilising our relationships with the media to generate unique authoritative mentions in national media.

SEO Consultant

Are you looking for a little guidance on your website? Businesses can benefit from learning and acting on the advice of SEO Consultants. Good SEO is not just about getting a hight search ranking, it is also about targeting clients that will give you sales. We don’t just rely on link building, or tweaking the on page factors of your website. We will increase the social media exposure, write more engaging content and do whatever it takes to bring you results.

For great SEO you need to consider the following;

  • Who are you targetting?
  • What words are they likely to use when searching for you?
  • What information will they be seeking?

Once you have done that you need to formulate the keywords that will be used to link back to your website and to create internal links within your websites. Then you need to find quality backlinks and create quality content.

eCommerce SEO


We carry out eCommerce optimisation. There are a range of activities we can carry out to increase the number of sales through your website. In optimising your site, we can carry out A/B testing, on page SEO, Google Feed optimisation etc. All this is with the main goal of increasing sales through your site.

Resell our SEO


Are you looking for a trustworthy and reliable SEO partner to help you grow your business and your clients? We can help you. We offer an affiliate rate of 15%, or we can train you in SEO and our processes and then give you a white label SEO solution for your business. At the moment, we are only offering this program by application only, so if you are interested in reselling, or whitelabelling, our service, please contact us using the form to the right.