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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Recruitment Website


Ablaze Recruitment is a boutique IT recruitment agency based in Sydney, Australia. They required a small, bright, website that allowed them to post jobs online. Creative Development created the website and then used Google Adwords to promote their services.

Since then Ablaze has upgraded their website to a wordpress website that uses the posting function as a Job board. WordPress has allowed them to have a full SEO compliant website they can update whenever they want at a low operational cost.

The resulting recruitment website has allowed them to reduce their over head and increase the number of people visiting their website. Their current website has the following functions;

  • Easy to update through WordPress
  • RSS feed output – for other job boards
  • Tracking using Google Analytics
  • SEO compliant with in-context tagging
  • Viewable in all browsers
  • Syndicated content to job aggregators, such as JobsGator

We product recruitment web design that will grow your business.