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Jingle Production

Jingle Production

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Custom Jingle Production From $800 for 30 seconds

The best jingles are memorable, interesting and surprise the listener. They are different because they are created by skilled musicians and sound engineers. As an Australian company we use talented people to create something that stands out, projects your brand, and will have your listeners calling. We can create jingles for TV, radio or online. Whether it is a 10 second grab or a 3 minute background track to your web video, we have something that will suit you.

We can even turn things around within 8 hours if required.

Our Equipment

We have access to the following equipment and personnel 24/7.

  • State of the art sound studio
  • A range of vocal talent, from Australian male accents to Spanish females
  • Sound production and creation equipment
  • Web video capture and conversion

Emotional Connection

We aim to anchor your jingle in an emotion to ensure that the listener actually feels something when they hear your audio. We know that emotion is the key to a great brand and an ad that the listener can recall. This is why we aim to meet your brief and create something that will add to your video, radio or web presentation. Jingle music is a powerful part of advertising.