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Packaging and Products

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Creative Development has over 10 years experience in product and packaging design.

We assist companies through the whole cycle of the design process, including; idea generation, concept development, testing and manufacturing or implementation of a physical object or service. The Creative Development Product Designers conceptualize ideas with the client, making them real through products in a more systematic approach. We use our experience as marketing consultants, graphic designers and market researchers to find a solution that will succeed in the client’s market.

We ensure that all of our product and packaging designs meet the excellent standards set by our client. We follow simple rules to create innovative products.

Useful; The solution works well and functions as promised. It does what it is expected to and satisfies a minimum or appropriate level of performance.

Usable; It product design is ergonomic, considering how, where, how often and who will be using it.

Desirable; It looks amazing! What looks good will be dependent upon the customers and the product What looks great also depends on the competition. In general, it is important for the product aesthetics to be appropriate for the market, users and usage environment.

Differentiated; We all remember the great products we have used. The benefits of good design are seen in products which are clearly differentiated. Our products satisfy core user benefits in new ways, by delivering excellence in one of the product’s physical attributes or by providing leading support services around the physical goods. The figure below demonstrates these ‘layers’ and indicates some of the characteristics within each:

Product design can be defined as the idea generation, concept development, testing and manufacturing or implementation of a physical object or service. Product Designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas, making them tangible through products in a more systematic approach. The role of a product designer encompasses many characteristics of the marketing manager, product manager, industrial designer and design engineer.

The term is sometimes confused with industrial design, which defines the field of a broader spectrum of design activities, such as service design, systems design, interaction design as well as product design.[citation needed] The role of the product designer combines art, science and technology to create tangible three-dimensional goods. This evolving role has been facilitated by digital tools that allow designers to communicate, visualize and analyze ideas in a way that would have taken greater manpower in the past.