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Adwords Audit


FREE SEO and Adwords Audit!

Completed within 24 hours!

As Google Adwords partners, we will conduct a full SEO and Adwords audit and optimisation. Using our extensive experience with running Adwords campaigns in a range of industries, we will work through your site, your industry and your current Adwords program, and make recommendations.

Increase Sales, Lower CPC

We can help you and your advertising stretch further and reach more customers. You don’t always have to bid the highest on every keyword to create a great advertising campaign. We can help you target the right customers, at the right bid price. For instance, did you know that position 5 often gets as many clicks as position 1?

We use our experience as a Google Adwords partner to increase the number of conversion on your site, or increase the number of people visiting your site.

Use the full range of Adwords features

Adwords has a massive range of features, all of which will help you target your customers. We can help you use the right parts of the program to maximise your spend. Some of the functions we optimise with our audit are;

  • Negative Keyword listings
  • Better geographic targeting
  • More refined Ad Groups
  • Better timing of bids (time of day/day of week)
  • Automated rules
  • Better device targeting
  • Improved bidding per keyword
  • Ad content recommendations
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Landing page recommendations
  • Set up conversions
  • Analytics/Adwords integration
  • Automated Reporting
  • Recommendations for quality score
  • Remarketing
  • Dynamic ads

As we have said before, ultimately you want every click to be a customer, and every customer to buy within the next 10 days. We can help you achieve that goal.