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No matter how much money you spend on advertising, you will want to make sure that our ads are being as profitable as they are meant to be. Following are some ways in which you can increase your Google Adwords conversion rate and make the most of your advertising budget.

Determine Who to Reach

Determining who to reach is the most important aspect of drawing up a marketing strategy. It will determine which keywords you advertise for, how much you sell your products for and even how many keywords you bid for on Google Adwords.

Do some research on your target demographic to find out what they want and need. If you have been in business for some time, chances are you have seen which products are the most popular and who is buying them. Use this information to make your online advertising appeal to the people who are most likely to not only click on your ads but also buy something from you.

Make sure your price is competitive. You do not want to sell yourself short, but sometimes the Google ad conversion problem has nothing to do with ad placement and everything to do with the fact that your prices are too high. Do some market research, consider the average annual budget of the people you are trying to sell things to and price your products accordingly.

Choose the Right Keywords

Google Analytics has a helpful tool that lets you see how many companies are bidding for any given keyword. Choose keywords that are not overly competitive if you want to get noticed.

It can be a good idea to choose a number of exact match keywords and then advertise for these using the daily budget system. Google Adwords’ daily budget system enables you to put up ads in the early morning and have them automatically taken down at night, which will save you a lot of money.

Analyzing Ad Performance

After a month or so, use conversion software to determine which keywords are generating the most sales. Any ads that are doing reasonably well should be left alone. Many companies have lost a lot of money and a large number of potential customers by messing around with good ads in an attempt to make them better.

Ads that are not doing well should be taken down or tweaked. Consider not only how many sales an advertisement is generating but also clicks and leads. If an ad is not making much money but is bringing a lot of people to the site, then consider leaving it up for awhile longer. After all, if people are coming to the site and the bounce rate is not unreasonably high; chances are that these ads will, over time, generate a profit.

Site Editing

If a lot of people are clicking on a particular ad but the conversion rate is very low, then make sure the page in question works properly. If there are any glitches on the page or it is slow to load, then this will drastically lower the ad conversion rate.

If your page is working properly, then see what can be done to make the product more attractive. Consider offering a discount, or getting people who have already bought the product in question to write up positive product reviews.

It should be noted that it almost always takes time to set up a profitable Google Ads campaign. Furthermore, the job is never done, because an ad that performs well today may not perform well a month or six months from now. However, it is possible to turn a profit using this method of advertising if you do careful research beforehand.

Make sure your site is properly laid out and functioning properly and then determine who you want to sell things to and which products you want to promote. Choose keywords carefully, monitor chosen keywords to see how each one is performing and then tweak your advertising campaign as needed in order to bring in good results. Do this and your ad conversion rate is sure to increase.


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