Top 10 White Lies of SEO

Posted on 31. May, 2011 by in SEO

Everyone tells lies at some point, whether it is a white lie to get you out of trouble, or a big whopper like “I am not a crook”. SEO companies have got a bad reputation for telling some untruths, or for stretching the truth. So we thought we would give you the top 10 lies […]

Why advertise with the Yellow Pages? 10 Reasons not to.

Posted on 11. Apr, 2011 by in Advertising, Marketing

We have said it before, we think there are better ways to spend your money on advertising than the Yellow Pages. Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons why we thing it is a waste of money. They are no where near number one, or even on the front page of search engines, for any […]

37 great Guerilla Marketing Ideas Pt1

Posted on 10. Apr, 2011 by in Marketing

We thought we would throw down Guerilla marketing ideas that any business can use, right now, that are low cost and high impact. Anyone can try these right now to increase their list of prospective customers and to drive traffic to their website or online store. Most of these marketing ideas are free. If you […]

Making Your Strategic Marketing Work

Posted on 24. Mar, 2011 by in Marketing

  We recently completed a day long sales and marketing session with a Sydney IT Distributor. The session seemed to be very successful in showing medium sized IT businesses how their marketing can work, how it can be targetted, achieve results and give value for money. If you want to grab an outline of the […]

Ideas to Reality – How to become an internet mogul!

Posted on 10. Feb, 2011 by in Real Estate, Web Design

10 Years ago if you had an idea for a new business, especially online, you had to go out  into the dirt and plant the seeds yourself. Now, however, there are a thousand programs that you can buy, re-purpose, develop and change to create almost anything you might care to build. Facebook was crafted from PHP […]

Direct Mail vs SEO

Posted on 25. Jan, 2011 by in direct mail, SEO

So, should you spend $1000 on a Direct Mail campaign, or should you spend $1000 on being number one? There are a lot of things to consider, and it shouldn’t necessarily be an either/or proposition. However there are some cases when it is clearly worthwhile spending the money on one or the other. Both Direct […]

10 ways to boost your Direct Mail

Posted on 24. Jan, 2011 by in direct mail, Marketing

The problem with most Direct Mail is that it ends up in the bin as junk. The main reasons for this is all poorly constructed Direct Mail looks the same. So here are some things you can do that won’t cost you much, that will increase your chances of being read. Ask your printer about […]

SEO for a Year

Posted on 19. Jan, 2011 by in SEO

SEO for a year, is it worth your time learning or even doing SEO over an entire year? Good quality SEO is a time consuming process, however when done right can result in your website being number one. SEO is a long term job that should be part of your marketing ad growth strategy. Why […]

Top 9 Real Estate SEO Tips

Posted on 02. Dec, 2010 by in Real Estate, SEO

Real Estate SEO is a lot like Recruitment and Jobs SEO. Unless you are one of the major aggregators, eg: Domain/Seek, there is very little point in trying to optimise for “New Homes Sydney”, because you are coming up against massive players for the front page. If you are a small Real Estate Agent, or […]

10 things your restaurant website should do

Posted on 01. Dec, 2010 by in Cafe, Marketing, restaurant, SEO, Social Media, Web Design

Restaurant websites should serve multiple functions. Primarily, they are they a point of contact. However they should also give your current customers an easy way to see if you have updated your menu. A low cost functional website is not hard to have, but here are a few things you should aim for; Show prices. […]

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