Google Panda Questionnaire

Posted on 03. Aug, 2011 by in Google, SEO

SEO MOZ has got a great post on the things you should be asking yourself, and your readers, regarding the quality of your content. Based on the Google Panda update that affected a lot of websites, this questionnaire is an idea of what Google asks of a website to give it its ranking. All the questions […]

What is Google Panda? (AKA Farmer Update)

Posted on 20. May, 2011 by in Google, SEO

  Google changes its calculations of search rank all the time. Every minute (except for right now as you will see) in fact the ranking calculations are tweaked to make the search results “better” for the users. Then, once every quarter or half year, Google rolls out a big change. Google has made many changes […]

Lessons from Article Directories – Panda Proof Content

Posted on 19. May, 2011 by in Google, SEO

We thought we would run through a quick list of what lessons we have learned from the latest Panda update based on the traffic of and from Article directories. Niche is king. By far the least affected article directories are the ones that occupy a strong niche. A look across the largest general article directories […]

Panda Victims Get Free SEO Services

Posted on 12. May, 2011 by in SEO

It’s as simple as this. Post a link of a screengrab of your Analytics below with some stats about how your web traffic has declined since the Panda update. The 5 posts with the biggest % loss in total traffic from the start of April until the end of May will be given a month […]

The Fallout from Google Panda – Not Permanent

Posted on 12. May, 2011 by in SEO

Put all your Link Building and Off Page efforts on hold for now. Google has admitted that search results are collated and updated by hand now, and not on the fly as they once were. This, presumably, is because of some of the fall out from the search results the new Panda update was producing. […]

The Panda Fallout – Has Google Missed The Mark?

Posted on 29. Apr, 2011 by in Google, SEO

We have been sitting back and waiting to see what the fallout has been from the Google “Panda” update. At first almost everyone talked about content farms and scrapers being the ones that were going to get hit, but now it seems there have been a lot of other innocent bystanders that have been caught in the […]