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Web designers can use a variety of tools that track how people use a website, how often they visit certain sites and how much overall traffic one site gets compared to others. By targeting specific types of data, they can determine which tools are effective and which ones don’t work as well as they had liked.

Types of Analytics

Analytics do exactly what their name implies. They analyze. They take large amounts of data and categorize it so it is usable for determining how effective something is.

  • Spreadsheets are an effective way to keep track of the numerical aspects of analytics. It gives members of management a quick review of how well a website or social media page is doing in the long term.
  • Monitor who posts on your page. While this is somewhat ambiguous, keeping track of who posts on your page the most will tell you who is paying attention and who is not.
  • Constantly monitoring the posts placed on your page will make sure the right message is continually being presented to the public. Tracking not only who posts, but what is being said is important in maintaining an appropriate image.
  • Create reports that analyze all of the data on a larger scale. Generating reports that show the overall progress of a website may be just what is needed to keep it moving forward. It shows members of management the progress the website is making and how it is affected by the various types of traffic that hit the site on a regular basis.
  • By analyzing and comparing past reports with current ones, management can determine where changes need to be made and what can be done to improve the page’s ratings.
  • Custom generate URLs. By creating unique URLs, search engines are better able to direct increasingly large amounts of traffic to a specific page or website. It also allows for easier tracking and and the creation of reportable statistics.

Segmentation in social media marketing involves looking at target audiences and placing them in specific groups. Some segments or groups will overall giving marketers a broader audience to strive for. By marketing according to small segments of the population, you focus more on the people who are interested in your product and less on those who will probably ignore the ads or webpages.

The only way to determine the success of a social media page is to learn everything you can about how it operates. Understanding the advertising as well as the traffic that is generated through posts and banners, is a crucial part in building a successful page. Building an effective Klout score is one way of determining just how far reaching your followers. The score doesn’t involve how influential you are. It is based on how those who follow you use your information. For example, you Klout score will go higher if a larger number of people repost your status or tweet. If just one person, reposts your status’, it will have little impact on your overall score. A larger number of social media networks means there will be more people sharing your updates.


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