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Market Research

Eventing Hawkes Bay (NHB) Market Research.

Market research was created for Eventing Hawkes Bay (NHB) by Creative Development. It was created so Eventing Hawkes Bay can better understand how they can provide events and better serve their clients.

We developed a survey that was sent out to their customers. The survey asked questions relating to improving the events that Hawkes Bay Eventing holds. We collected the results online and provided recommendations to them based on the results.

We took a holistic approach to the market research by asking qualitiative and quantitative questions relating to the riders’ experience at the Hawkes Bay events.

We then gave them a full analysis of the results and a break down of the key points their clients brought up

None of the questions are compulsory. If you have any questions related to this survey, you can email or you can contact Eventing Hawkes Bay at or 06 874 9489