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Band Web Design


The Lookie Loos are a pop band from Hamilton NZ. Creative Development built and hosted a small website for them to promote their music. This website was originally designed in HTML with some small images to promote the band. As they grew and increased their use of Social media to promte themselves, so did the website. The new website is now built on WordPress and has the fucntions that allow them to promote their videos and their tour dates directly through the website.

The Lookie Loos have slowly increased their awareness through the use of video marketing and social media marketing. Because of the growth in website providing services to musicians such as band camp, bands need to have a website that can keep all their marketing activities together and easy to update.

WordPress is a perfect web platform for small artisist such as The Lookie Loos because it is easy to understand, easy to update and contains all the things they need to keep the website looking fresh.

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