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What is Your Deal of the Day?
If you haven’t got on the bandwagon yet, you should! Either as a marketer or a consumer, this is one marketing technique that is a win-win situation for everyone! Whether your business is old or new, online or brick-and-mortar; you can boost traffic to your location with promoting spectacular deals through a deal-of-the-day website. Whether you’re a loyal patron or want to experience new businesses you can’t go wrong with purchasing a fantastic bargain at a deal-of-the-day website.
You might ask; exactly what is a deal-of-the day website? A deal-of-the day website is a host business that sells discounted products or services that the actual business is offering. It is a 24 hour push to sell the product or service to the customer. The customer has 24 hours to make the purchase. For example, at midnight the new deal-of-the-day may be 50% off a massage at a local business. The customer says, “Wow, for that kind of price I can actually afford to treat myself!” and they purchase the massage online through the hosting business (hosting business is the deal-of-the day website). Typically, the following Monday the host business sends you a link to obtain your voucher for your purchase. There may be some stipulations as to when you can and cannot use the voucher with an expiration date (all of this is fully disclosed prior to purchase). Referring to the example of the massage, you call to make the appointment and mention your voucher. Go to your massage and relax (you already paid for it!). You may have to pay tax and leave a tip though.
A few booming deal-of-the day websites are Groupon, Living Social and local places such as, DSM Daily. The websites are promoted heavily on Facebook and you can follow them on Twitter. Another crazy trend that is similar to the websites like Groupon and Living Social are deal-of-the-day tracker websites. Yes, that is right you can go to a website like and search for actual businesses that are posting their own deal-of-the-day without a host business.
For example, today I will share with you what is being offered to me through Groupon, Living Social, and DSM Daily. Groupon is offering 50% of wine tasting for four people. Living social has a manicure on sale for $12 with a regular price of $25. DSM Daily is offering 50% of gourmet popcorn. On they found a Panasonic Headset for $1 with free shipping (96% savings), 60% off shoes for men, completely free music and free shipping and 88% off of a watch (they have hundreds of more deals). The savings can be massive for the consumer and imagine how much traffic you are driving to your business.
This is one marketing trend that you want to participate in. It is relatively cheap to use and honestly, some of the deals I have come across have been sold out within hours. If you are maximizing your efforts to get people in the door you cannot go wrong with one of these deal-of-the-day websites.


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