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The top fan pages on Facebook

Businesses have started to use and develop facebook pages more and more. The top fan pages on Facebook, such as Rita’s have used some very creative techniques to grow their Facebook profile. Largely, the top pages on facebook are what you would expect, those that are built around either a major passion, conservatism, or around the web games like mafia wars that are popular on Facebook.

How to design better landing pages

This is an outstanding break down of what a company did to improve their landing page optimisation over the last three years. Eventually the key things they did were,

  • Improve the visibility of the offer
  • Make the offer is easy to understand.
  • Make the call to action stand out more clearly
  • Repeated the call to action

9 Common SEO mistakes

A very thorough and interesting break down of how people can spend too much time worrying about SEO. The big ones are in there, like aiming for the top/big keywords rather than ones that are specific to your website.

On page SEO tips

Not a particularly well written post, but still an valuable breakdown of key on-page SEO tips. Especially the warning about using original content. Matt Cutts has already said that 1 – 3 versions of the same content on your website is fine, for things like printer-friendly and mobile optimised. However there is a fairly stong warning against syndicating your content or dublicating information several times.


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