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How we beat the industry average for email marketing. Contact us to have a stellar email marketing campaign.

Industry Averages (approximately);

Open Rate: 15%
Click Rate:  3%

Our Performance on email lists over 500 people.

Open Rate: 18%
Click Rate:5%

10 Tips for the best email marketing campaigns;

  1. Target. Find out to whom you want to send the email campaign. Make sure you know what they are interested in and what market they operate in.
  2. Produce quality content. Every day we recieve over 100 emails from various people that go straight to the bin. Make sure you are given the recipient information that is up to date (what is happening in your industry NOW), informative, (dont just give facts, give analysis), fresh/new, (don’t just cut and paste from google, and don’t just steal other people’s conent) and above all make sure that it is well written. Poor content can also get caught in SPAM filters.
  3. Develop a list. Make sure that your recipients have allowed you to send them emails. Make sure you have taken down as much information as possible, at least their names and company names. We use double opt in lists that people actively subscribe to. We also use a different technique to market to potential customers, however we are always moving them to the opt in lists. We are also only marketing to small numbers of potential customers so that we can keep the email campaigns from becoming SPAM.
  4. Use engaging subject lines. Try to sound informative and not “marketing”. Try to show that the email is up to date and has the latest information. Here are the top 5 subject lines, thanks to Mail Chimp
    [COMPANYNAME] Sales & Marketing Newsletter
    Eye on the [COMPANYNAME] Update (Oct 31 – Nov 4)
    [COMPANYNAME] Staff Shirts & Photo
    [COMPANYNAME] May 2005 News Bulletin!
    [COMPANYNAME] Newsletter – February 2006
  5. Personalise. By far more people will open, become engaged and click through an email that has their name in it, or their company name.
  6. Use a good email marketing program like MailChimp. Mail chimp is a good example of an email marketing client because you can measure your performance, personlise the email. They also have bucketloads of tutorials on how to improve your email marketing campaigns.
  7. Include several calls to action. We make sure in every campaign we give the customer good reasons to click through the email. This can be a particular special offer, a great article or just asking them to update their information. We always use immediate language and make sure that it is clear what is a link and where they should click.
  8. Test for design/looks. For every email campaign we produce we run two different types of tests. Firstly we test the design of the email in several different browsers. We test for useability and readability. We want to make sure of the following;
    Do the images show up, if they don’t does the text make sense on its own?
    Does the image preview well, so people can see the heading/first paragraph of the content without opening email?
    Does the design render correctly in a few different browsers
    Does the content make sense? It seems easy to produce content but is it short, punchy and readable in Outlook?
    Do the links do what they are supposed to do?
  9. Test for performance. We also run A/B tests to see which of two headlines create the best response. Every email marketing campaign we run a small test to up to 50 recipients with a few different layouts of content. We keep track of the changes we make and use this information to improve the performance of our email marketing.
  10. Track Measure Repeat. All our email marketing campaigns are active. We try not to run short term once off marketing campaigns. We use our knowledge for each market in each campaign to improve the quality of the next one.
  1. [COMPANYNAME] Sales & Marketing Newsletter
  2. Eye on the [COMPANYNAME] Update (Oct 31 – Nov 4)
  3. [COMPANYNAME] Staff Shirts & Photos
  4. [COMPANYNAME] May 2005 News Bulletin!
  5. [COMPANYNAME] Newsletter – February 2006

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