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Google Adwords cost creep is becoming a major concern for advertisers, and it is one of the major motivators behind companies moving away from Adwords as being their sole avenue of online advertising. We were working on some SEO and Search Marketing for a client when we notices some trends in costs associated with Google Adwords.

Using the average cost per click of Google Adwords and the total number of local searches, we were able to ascertain the most valuable google adwords right now.

KeywordCompetitionEstimated Avg. CPCLocal Monthly SearchesTotal Value
best car insurance quote0.9$34.6427100$938,744.00
get car insurance quote0.9$32.3227100$875,872.00
car insurance new quote0.9$29.9027100$810,290.00
online car insurance quote0.9$26.5727100$720,047.00
cheapest car insurance quote0.9$25.8127100$699,451.00
online car insurance quotation0.9$23.9327100$648,503.00
car company insurance quote0.9$23.6127100$639,831.00
discount car insurance quote0.9$23.5727100$638,747.00
online insurance0.89$27.5622200$611,832.00
car quotes0.95$33.6414800$497,872.00
compare insurance0.96$18.3227100$496,472.00
car insurance quote comparison0.98$31.3214800$463,536.00
insurance comparison0.97$20.2822200$450,216.00
insurance companies0.66$16.5027100$447,150.00
car cheap compare insurance quote0.9$15.5727100$421,947.00
online insurance quote0.83$49.456600$326,370.00
cheap insurance0.95$11.0827100$300,268.00
car insurance quotation0.8$29.789900$294,822.00
cheapest car insurance0.96$27.999900$277,101.00

As you can see, per month, the whole of the top 20 search keywords are dominated by “insurance” terms, making one single search term, “best car insurance quote” almost worth $1 million. We also noted the top 10 keywords by average CPC.

KeywordCompetitionEstimated Avg. CPCLocal Monthly SearchesTotal Value
auto insurance quote comparison0.91$92.04260$23,930.40
general auto insurance0.69$75.67480$36,321.60
nj car insurance0.74$72.9358$4,229.94
21s car cheap insurance0.94$70.00260$18,200.00
direct car insurance quote0.8$66.831300$86,879.00
instant car insurance0.92$55.03170$9,355.10
compare auto insurance0.92$51.89170$8,821.30
get auto insurance online0.91$51.57480$24,753.60
online insurance quote0.83$49.456600$326,370.00

We question whether, at an average of $92 per click, Google Adwords is the most cost effective method to advertise to sell anything! Including postage and printing, you could send out $10 vouchers, redeemable only through your website, to 9 people for every one person you are getting to come through to your website on Adwords. More importantly, you could run a long term search optimisation campaign, including on page content building, every month for every 5 people that click on your ad.


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