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In the same way that banks realized the importance of migrating customers to online website platforms, new mobile platforms offer banks additional ways and resources by which to save operating costs and increase customer access. As a result, encouraging and marketing customers to move them to adoption of mobile platforms is critical for the ongoing evolution of e-commerce from the banking side.

There is no question that marketing is effective. Various, recent research studies have found where proactive marketing efforts were made, a bank’s customer base was far more interested in mobile banking adoption versus an institution that didn’t push the platform. So the question then remains, what is the best way to market mobile tools to encourage conversions? The answer is in multiple solutions at the same time. Here are a number of ways:

  • ATM receipts – Where chosen by the customer, and ATM receipt is produced at every ATM transaction. That piece of paper has plenty of room for direct marketing to a customer, and the cost of printing is minimal given the connection opportunity of a captive market. Both text and QR codes can be inserted, allowing mobile device linking to a mobile platform or the app for downloading and getting started.
  • Bank account statements – Customers regularly check their bank account statements to make sure they reconcile their spending with where they think their bank account should be. By including the same information, QR codes, and links embedded in PDF copies of statements, customers can then use the Internet or their mobile device to initiate an introduction to mobile banking tools. The cost is cheap but the results can be exponential.
  • Introduction from branch staff – Different generations adopt technology in different ways. Many older customers frequently prefer to work with a bank face-to-face. These visits also provide an opportunity where bank staff can introduce mobile banking and show its benefits right on the spot, guiding customers to set up their mobile devices for e-banking. Many customers who need help will appreciate the proactive, personal approach.
  • Email blasts – It’s ironic to say that email marketing is now old-fashioned, but it still provides an effective means to introduce links and apps to mobile banking to customers. Email can be read from both computers and mobile devices, so embedded linkage can easily connect receptive customers to mobile banking tools with a click.
  • Social media tools count – Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter or similar allows a bank to connect with an already existing customer and reader base, providing a direct connection to folks to explain the benefits of mobile banking. Further, all the app links can be embedded in the content, making it easy for customers to get started and try out the mobile platform on their own.

Banks can’t rest on their laurels to convince customers to move to mobile banking. Effective marketing involves reaching out and showing the benefits of the tool for the customer, making the conversion a win-win for both. Otherwise, many bank customers will simply stay with what already works without every trying a new system.


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