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Market Yourself Without A Budget

Not all of us have the finances to fit what we judge to be our marketing requirements. Here are some quick ways to market yourself without spending anything.


Smile, frequently or all the time. Smiling is contagious and it conveys a good mood. The more people are in a good mood around you the better. Being happy says a great deal about your character and draws customers to you. It tells a possible client that you are welcoming, positive, and most of all it tells them that you enjoy what you do.

When a potential client approaches you about your products and services, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. By smiling, you will have easily accomplished this.

Studies have shown that “smiles can elicit cooperation among strangers in a one-shot interaction”

Great Body Language

The second tip for marketing your products is having a good posture, or positive body language.

Nobody wants to talk to people who are down on themselves. This kind of body language transmits a message to your client that you are missing self-belief. Or, that you do not like your job, or the company you work for.

Customers want to approach upbeat, confident people. They want to know that they will be receiving the best possible products and services you have to offer that will match their needs. A presentable, positive, and confident image will portray these messages to your customer.


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