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Ad Text Using Double-Byte Characters

With AdWords you can create ad text using double-byte characters, such as those used in many East Asian languages. However, be aware that double-byte characters have special requirements.

Double-byte characters need nearly twice the display space as single-byte characters. For example, the title line of an English ad has a 25 character limit. However, the limit for that same title line is 12 characters for a double-byte language. The second and third lines of English ad text are limited to 35 characters, while the limit for double-byte characters is 17.

Two other rules to follow when creating ads with double-byte characters:
– Use single-byte characters for symbols, such as punctuation marks and currency symbols.
– Use single-byte characters for alphanumeric characters.

Note that when creating a double-byte character ad in the English interface, the character limit shown on the screen is wrong. To avoid receiving an error message, enter only the correct character length. For instance, the title line of a Japanese ad may only be able to fit 12 characters, even though the limit is shown as 25.


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