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We offer plumbers  a “Marketing Assistant” for $550 a month. This includes designing a full marketing campaign, and then unlimited web design, SEO, PR/Publicity, $50 Google Adwords, marketing management and marketing/direct mail design.
Below is an outline of a marketing plan we designed for a plumbing company based in Sydney. We are capable of executing a plan like this for any company wanting to work with us.

Free Marketing Report:

All marketing needs to be tied together, so the information below comes with a word of warning. Get the campaign right, and the rest will tie itself together. Maybe all the marketing you do is tied to a competition to find the most blocked drains, worst looked after house or whatever. That would be up to you.

For about $5000 you could target all of Sydney, for two weeks. It is not a bad option if you think you have exhausted the web or direct mail options you have. As long as you have a clear offer, and you use it to drive sales it would be worth it.

Local sports clubs
I know that you could probably be a sponsor of Putney Rangers soccer, or Ryde football club for around $1000. The main thing would be to ask that they send out an email to their players/parents introducing you and that you get the chance to present at a soccer dinner or something.
Other, easier, things you can do right now.
Web Analytics
You have Google Analytics installed, so it seems someone is getting the data. I would have a look at that report and see where people are going, what they are searching for etc. You also want to look at the “Bounce Rate”. This will This is all important information for the next bit;

Web Design
Web design is a strange beast. We changed the web design for a small company in a tiny way and we doubled their customer calls. This was just by moving the “call now” button and changing some copy colour to red instead of blue. This link has some great information about how customers can be fickle
The bottom line is this;

Get some standard pricing up, for things like blocked drains etc. If people are scared off by the price, you probably would not want to do business with them anyway. Also people will search through 5 of your competitors before calling you, so you want to provide as much information as you can, and keep people on your website as long as you can.

Get a “contact us now” form onto every page
From an SEO point of view, everything seems ok, there are a few things that would be worth tweaking, but mostly you should already be getting the traffic. One thing I would look at is either creating a new website, or building more content around, a new niche. You could either focus on one or two services you already provide, like “hot water heater installation” or repairs which is one of the most searched for terms in Google. Or you could create a small website on a focussed niche like “Luxury home plumbers” or “mobile home plumbers”.

Have another look at your target market and see if there are ways you can hit them several times in a day. Also you need a marketing
Joint marketing. Find people who are targetting the same people as you and do joint marketing. So you might have Putney Electricians and Putney Landscapers. When you send out something to your clients or potential clients, split the costs with them and have all of your details on the same informaton.

Video. It is worth thinking about getting some video shot of what you do, and some happy customers. It costs very little to produce and it can go on your website as a testimonial. Also you can put it on sites like YouTube, which comes up well in search too.

Direct Mail. Again it is worth thinking about doing joint marketing, especially if you produce magnets. Also it is worth thinking about buying a database of people, like new homebuyers or magazine subscribers in a particular area, and putting the direct mail in an envelope and addressing it. All up we produce and send something like this to 3000 people for about $3500.

Referrals. You can get good referrals just by asking for them. Sometimes people don’t always go for financial rewards, so just asking for the business can go a long way. This goes for Current/Ex customers, whom you could also market to.

I don’t mean the guys from India, but I do mean using someone you trust to call people/current customers, in conjunction with a mail out campaign to your current/ex customers. It might just be to call them to update their details. If you tie it in with a good campaign it would be worth it.

Social Networking
Lastly I would think about setting up a facebook page. There are some good case studies about companies that do this well around. In the least you will have your staff and their families signed up. It also is not a bad idea from an SEO point of view. Again, if you tie it into a competition you will do a lot better.

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