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Clean MarketingMarketing your cleaning business can be a dirty job sometimes. Large commercial business often end up competing on price, which in turn makes it hard for smaller players to grow their business. So we decided to put together some tips for cleaning business, small and large, to generate sales leads.


First, try to create a brand or at least a name that is memorable and conveys clearly what you are offering. This will help later if you have a website or if you advertise. You could be called “domestic devils” or something similar.

Website + eMarketing

Second, make sure you have a website that promotes your business well, and gives customers an easy way to contact you. Make sure you have a way potential customers can ask for a quote. You can set up website for free using or blogspot. If you want something that looks a little more professional, you can get websites built, by Creative Development if you want, for less than a thousand dollars.Make sure your website follows the best in SEO and marketing guidelines, and make sure you do more talking with pictures than writing.

The bottom line is you need to be competing for the attention of people searching for “Home Cleaning Firms” in their local area.


Seriously consider blogging or writing something once or twice a month. The benefits will eventually compound over time and it will help build your online presence. It does not have to be anything extravagant, it could be a few paragraphs each time. Some topics might be, how to remove stains, strange things you have been asked to clean or strange things you have removed when cleaning.


46% of all customers find new cleaning firms through a referrals. You need to enable the referral process by doing two things. One offering a referral fee or an incentive for referrals, and two, asking for referrals.

Joint venture marketing.

Find a company that is targetting the same space as you, and offer them joint marketing, or a referral fee for everyone that somes to you. It might be a local newagent, or it might be a local hardware store.

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