Australian Web Host Speed Comparison – Crucial, Melbourne IT, Netregistry, Jumba

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As we are running through the process of increasing the speed of all our websites, we thought we would compare the overall speed of the four Australian web hosts, Jumba, Netregistry, Crucial Paradigm and Melbourne IT. On all four hosts we have clients running WordPress. When you look at the time taken to load a website, a speedy response from the server is critical to keeping loading times down. We ran a test using Page Load analyser, ran the test five times and took the average.

Something worth noting is that the first test invariably returned a result of a few seconds to a response, as it appears the servers were shifting resources.

Connection time (ms) Time to first byte (ms) Download Time (ms) Total Time (ms)
Netregistry 341 662 341 1344
Melbourne IT 190 609 380 1179
Crucial Paradigm 323 641 647 1611
Jumba 323 749 647 1719

Melbourne IT charge enough for their products, $100+ for domain names and $30+ for basic hosting, you would hope that you can get something positive in return.


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