Reasons Not To Use Web Central or Melbourne IT

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  1. They don’t use cPanel/Parallels or any other standard back end, making it much harder for web developers to deal with them.
  2. You cant recover usernames/passwords without calling tech support, which is painful as you are frequently on hold for very long periods of time.
  3. Domain name renewals are $70 a year, twice the price of anywhere else
  4. They charge for services like DNS forwarding/simple management, which most don’t charge for
  5. Just one look at their Google places page, shows why Melbourne IT should be avoided. Most people feel their customer service sucks.
  6. Domain transfers away from Melbourne IT are hugely frustrating. They call their domain password a “registry key”, which is the name the AUDA gives to their password. The emails for recovery (which is another process you have to go through) are nearly identical.

I am sure there are more people out there with horror stories. Feel free to post them below.


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