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What should drive online business decisions? These are the core aims we believe should drive your online business decisions;

  • Build income as autonomously as possible. There is very little point in working 24/7 just to maintain a small website. You also want marketing methods that will keep driving customers to you, even when you are not maintaining them.
  • Own intellectual property and a brand that is worth something. This allows you grow the brand, and the website, beyond something that is just a website. It also means that the business has something of value that can either be sold off or kept as an asset.
  • Have a website that is easy to maintain. You don’t want something that has thousands of dollars in licensing fees. You also don’t want a website that costs $200 an hour to fix when there is a problem, or you want to make a change.
  • Own the customers that buy from you. This differentiates an eBay store from a website that works. You want to be able to gather as much information on your customers as possible. You also want to turn them into fans of the store, not just the products they buy.

Do you have any to add? What are the core aims of your online business?


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