Banned By Google – The Many Possible Transgressions

Posted on 25. Sep, 2011 by in Google

There are many ways you can be punished by Google. The punishment usually involves your website being removed from the world’s largest Search Engine. Here are a list of ways that Google has found to punish sites either specifically or generally across the board. If your website is completely banned, you can submit your site for reconsideration, […]

Google Adwords Cost Falls 30% In Australia

Posted on 12. Sep, 2011 by in Adwords, adwords-cost, Google

We have been tracking the cost of advertising using Google Adwords for well over a year now. Using a basket of keywords that range from “Plumbing” to “Business Supplies”, we have been looking at the average CPC and the competition for over 90 different keywords. Comparing the costs to advertise on Google for those keywords […]

Google Panda Questionnaire

Posted on 03. Aug, 2011 by in Google, SEO

SEO MOZ has got a great post on the things you should be asking yourself, and your readers, regarding the quality of your content. Based on the Google Panda update that affected a lot of websites, this questionnaire is an idea of what Google asks of a website to give it its ranking. All the questions […]

Google+ to hit 20 million users – Should Facebook be worried?

Posted on 13. Jul, 2011 by in Google

2.2 million people joined Google+ in the last 24 hours. By the weekend, it is expected that 20 million Google+ users will exist. Should Facebook be worried they will become the next MySpace? At the moment, even with 20 million users, not enough people are connected on the system, and so there are regular complaints […]

Google+; Why leave Facebook?

Posted on 04. Jul, 2011 by in Google

Google+ launched in direct competition to Facebook. So what makes it better? Better Privacy Of course there is better privacy, because that was one of the biggest criticisms of Facebook. With Facebook, you never know who is really using your information and for what purpose. Apps and programs on Facebook can utilise and share your […]

What is Google+ ?

Posted on 30. Jun, 2011 by in Google

Want an Invite to the Google+ Project? If you want an invite to use Google+, share this post on Facebook or Twitter and leave me a comment below and I’ll invite you. Be sure to leave a valid email address when you fill out the comment form (It’s completely private to myself- no worries). What […]

A better way for pages to rank (How to improve Google)

Posted on 23. Jun, 2011 by in Google

Since the release of Google Panda, the company has been heavily criticised by a range of press regarding the quality of the recent updates. So we thought we would throw together a list of areas that the search engine has lost its way, and what it can do to improve. This is not a list […]

Adwords Cost rises for US advertisers, drops for Australians

Posted on 13. Jun, 2011 by in Advertising, Adwords, adwords-cost, Google

Since September last year, we have been monitoring the cost of Google Adwords for a range of keywords. You can see our full range of data here. We used a broad range of keywords from “Plumbing” to “Mobile Phones”. This gives us a balanced view of the market for Google Adwords. The pool of  keywords is […]

A P*NIS in my search… another sign of Google decline?

Posted on 08. Jun, 2011 by in Google

This morning I was searching for some authority information on how to increase the size of the P elements in HTML, and I received the search above. The third featured website is a page on exercises to increase the size of my P*nis. This is clearly not what I am looking for, or maybe Google […]

What is Google Panda? (AKA Farmer Update)

Posted on 20. May, 2011 by in Google, SEO

  Google changes its calculations of search rank all the time. Every minute (except for right now as you will see) in fact the ranking calculations are tweaked to make the search results “better” for the users. Then, once every quarter or half year, Google rolls out a big change. Google has made many changes […]

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