Remarketing with Google Adwords

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by in Adwords

Google Adwords Remarketing is a new(ish) feature that allows you to target people who have visited your site already. Google sells it as a way to “cross-sell, up-sell, and promote other relevant products: surround sound systems or DVD players, for example.” Just a note, you can target people with Remarketing regardless of source. A customer […]

AIDA Keyword Choices

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by in Adwords, SEO

When moving through the buying cycle, the purchaser uses particular keywords in their search for answers. The goal of a search marketing expert is to make sure their website, or their brand/product is appearing at each stage of the cycle. Here is a range of ideas that will help you select the right range of […]

Google Adwords Cost Falls 30% In Australia

Posted on 12. Sep, 2011 by in Adwords, adwords-cost, Google

We have been tracking the cost of advertising using Google Adwords for well over a year now. Using a basket of keywords that range from “Plumbing” to “Business Supplies”, we have been looking at the average CPC and the competition for over 90 different keywords. Comparing the costs to advertise on Google for those keywords […]

Increase Quality Score – How to Cut Your Adwords Costs

Posted on 07. Sep, 2011 by in Adwords

Adwords Quality Score – Why Should You Care? There are two key reasons why you should care about the Quality Score of your ads. First, the top spot, at the very top of Google searches, is reserved only for ads that have high Quality Score. If your ads have a low quality score, you will […]

Can organic search traffic entirely replace Adwords?

Posted on 22. Aug, 2011 by in Adwords

When using Google Adwords, the key question for high traffic websites is, if I stop using Adwords, will I still get an equivelant level of traffic. In what Google are calling “Search Ads Pause Studies”, a group of researchers observed organic click volume in the absence of search ads. They compared 400 studies of Adwords […]

78 Great Reasons to Use Google Adwords

Posted on 18. Aug, 2011 by in Adwords

To celebrate the fact that I am now a Google Adwords Qualified Individual, I thought I would go through 78 great reasons to advertise with Google Adwords. Easy to use No special marketing or advertising knowledge required No design expertise required Hundreds of pages of help files Hundreds of pages available on how to increase […]

What Are Google Adwords

Posted on 17. Aug, 2011 by in Adwords

Google Adwords are the sponsored listings you see at the top and to the right of search when you use Google. They can be the top zero to three listings. For some searches they will not appear at all.  The big benefit to advertisers is that the advertising is interest based, ie you are always […]

Google Adwords Case Studies – Online and Offline Retailers

Posted on 17. Aug, 2011 by in Adwords

Using Adwords for Online Retailers 17% increase in iPhone visits 50% increase in the average order 6:1 return on Google Adwords 530% overall return-on-ad-spend for computing category ($5.30 in sales for every $1.00 of search media) Search ads targeted to top 25% of markets based on specific store attributes produced 1,090% return-on-ad-spend for computing category. […]

Tips to improve your Google Adwords Performance

Posted on 30. Jul, 2011 by in Adwords

As we have just spent the day with Google Sydney, I thought we would share Google’s own top 5 tips for improving your Google Adwords performance. Segment and structure your ad groups The biggest dictator of the amount you pay for each keyword is the quality score. You quality score is based on the keyword […]

Free $75 of Adwords for New Customers

Posted on 28. Jul, 2011 by in Adwords

Thanks to Google Engage, we are able to offer new customers $75 of Google Adwords vouchers. All you have to do is sign up to one of our Internet Marketing programs to receive your voucher. Use the form on the right to get started.

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