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Find a Web Designer

Are you looking for a great web designer? Contact Creative Development on 0416 360 814 to find out more about great web design services.

There are many ways you can find a reliable web designer, but each one will probably bring you dozens of companies to sift through. Really, you don’t have to look any further to find a web designer, because Creative Development are excellent web designers based in Sydney. However if you were to want to look around and find a great web designer, you could look at directories and in Google.

If you do find a web designer make sure the following is covered;

  • Updates; who is going to make changes to the website either through development and once it is finished. Do you have enough budget to cover on going management of the website
  • Do you know where your website is going to be hosted? Hosting can make a huge amount of difference to website speed and to the type of website you are going have created
  • Do you have fixed time frames for the development of the website? Are there penalties if the website is not finished on time? What happens if you change your mind?
  • Has the web design company been up front about the design and the costing from the beginning. If the costs or the design change from meeting to meeting, is that a sign that things with change throughout the project?
  • Who is going to take care of the SEO or the Google Awords? A website often needs tweaking and changing once it is up. Do you know the web designers can do enough to make sure your website is on the front page of Google?
  • Do their designs include sitemaps, compatibility with other web browsers, other than IE or Firefox?
  • If they are including a Flash animation, is it built to allow search engines to see past it?
  • Who owns the rights to all the artwork? If they are using images, can you continue using the images?
  • Is there any other monthly costing apart from hosting?
  • Do they have a list of reputable companies that will offer testimonials?

We offer all this and more. If you are looking to find a web designer, look no further.

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