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Email marketing as it should be. We will develop an email marketing campaign that will grow your business.

Email marketing campaigns from $550 inc GST

Creative Development uses email marketing as a standard tool in all its marketing campaigns. We create email marketing campaigns from start to finish, using the latest e-marketing tools. We will give you measurable, deliverable results.

How do we perform?

Industry Averages (approximately);

Open Rate: 15%

Click Rate:  3%

Our Performance on email lists over 500 people.

Open Rate: 18%

Click Rate:5%

What does it cost?

Each email marketing campaign is different. However an example campaign might be that you provide the list, and we develop and send the email. In this instance, you can send to unlimited recipients for $550 inc GST.

Why choose Creative Development?

  • We are get results. It is not enough that we create stunning email marketing campaigns for you and your company. We also create emails that will generate sales and prompt the customer to action. Our click through rates for marketing campaigns are above average, and have been proven to generate more leads than other marketing methods.
  • We are low cost. We use the right blend of senior designers and desktop publishers to make sure that project costs are kept low.
  • We are quick. We have turned around entire websites over night. We have created direct mail campaigns in an afternoon. The campaigns also created amazing results too.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Not happy with the end result? We will give your money back, no questions asked.

How do we do it? We follow the ten steps below to create email marketing campaigns that sell.

  • Target.
  • Produce quality content.
  • Develop a list.
  • Use engaging subject lines.
  • Personalise.
  • Include several calls to action.
  • Test for design/looks.
  • Test for performance.
  • Track Measure Repeat.
  • Email Marketing can be one of the most cost effective methods of creating sales for your business. Once you have effective creative, and a list of recipients that are responsive, the sky can be the limit when it comes to creative action from your customers. Popular FMCG companies use email marketing effectively when they send out the latest list of special prizing to their subscribers. One german supermarket chain, ALDI, use email marketing particularly effectively.

    Some email marketing campaigns can also work against you. You have to make sure you list is an “opt-in” list, so your customers have given you permission to market to them. You also have to make sure your message is one that they want to receive. It is no good trying to sell products they are not interested in.

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