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 A Blog is an article in print on the World Wide Web containing isolated entries and posts. Blogs are generally written by single individuals and infrequently by a grouping. They usually are written on a single idea or topic.

10 Types of blogs

Blogs are nowadays gaining popularity and many different types of blogs have emerged in the upcoming times.

  1. 1.      Blogs having news

These blogs are there to convey the breaking news to the readers and usually are short with less than 500 words. The usually contain a news that is highly significant such as stock market updates. However it is vital that these blogs are published as soon as the information is known as readers would not be interested in news that is outdated or already shown through other channels of communication.

  1. 2.      Personal Profile blogs

Personal profile blogs usually contain detailed information on a famous and known personality or an expert in a given field. The blog provides their background and history and manages to convey the journey that they had to make in order to get successful. Information from various sources is combined and presented in form of a blog.




  1. 3.      Queries–and-explanation blogs

These blogs are usually written by an expert in a particular field whereby a common query is taken and various solutions and plans are offered by the blogger. It could either be a theoretical or practical approach to the problem or might relate to the personal experience of the blogger.

  1. 4.      Blogs having Case studies

Case studies are presented through these blogs whereby a step by step solution is provided so that the knowledge and skills of the reader is enhanced and the reason for choosing the specific solution is explained. Blogs pertaining to case studies usually use real life examples and include analysis and evaluation of the given information whereby a certain conclusion is reached at the end.

  1. 5.      Contentious blogs

Contentious blogs usually relate to controversial issues and research indicates that readers are highly interested in reading controversial topics. These topics usually contain a firm belief or an idea that can easily be opposed. The writer must present their own views and thoughts on a given subject. Sarcasm is widely used in contentious blogs whereby simple statements are changed into controversial statements so that the readers can also express their views and opinions.

  1. 6.      Study and research blogs

The blogs provide a step by step approach towards performing research on a selected topic. In essence these blogs state the aims and objectives of the research and explain the methodology used in conducting the research. These blogs are useful to readers who are beginning to research a similar topic and need guidance on how to start off their research.




  1. 7.       Opinion and review blogs

Blogs also focus on review and opinion on various products and services so that potential purchasers are given full background information before making the final purchase. Opinion and review blogs are most often found regarding technology gadgets such as mobile phones whereby the blogger explains in great detail the features available in the particular product as opposed to competing products.

  1. 8.      Stories

Blogs containing stories are one the famous blogs whereby the target audience ranges from children to young adults. The stories usually contain an important message that is conveyed through a fictional situation. The stories may also reflect real time experiences of the writer whereby the writer intends to convey a particular message.

  1. 9.      Analysis and surveys

Blogs also provide a way of connecting with the consumers and generating market research. Blogs can contain surveys and questionnaires whereby the readers are asked to express their views and opinions regarding a particular subject. The information generated is highly useful and can be used to analyze the characteristics of the target market audience.

  1. 10.  Individual-diary blogs:

These can generally be regarded as personal blogs or a diary whereby the individual expresses their feelings and opinions. They portray the scenes and events from an individual’s life and can be quite sentimental. They provide a forum for the individuals to reflect back of their past life and sometimes personal blogs can garner a huge fan following. Personal blogs can also be micro blogs whereby the writer writes about a particular point in time.



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