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Sometimes really simple things can have a big impact on conversion rates. The right type of conversion optimisations nearly doubled’s revenue, an increase of £14 million year-on-year. Conversion rate optimisation is about more than testing – it is really important that we are testing the right things. Surveying your clients or visitors and doing usability testing regularly gives you an idea about what they want. Remember that to get the most out of Google Analytics you need to know what you want.

Here are some of the things we took from this case study:

Addressing User Concerns
The most import thing for web optimisers is to speak to the sales teams/users, and find out what the most frequently asked questions are and then answering them immediately to avoid confusion and loss of conversions. Just clarifying what made up the price details on the site resulted in a 19% increase in conversions.

Make qualitative surveys and give customers an incentive to fill out the survey

The more people complete your surveys, the more valuable they’ll be. decided to offer everyone who filled out the survey the chance to win the cost of their last vacation—which could be as much as several thousand pounds. This investment paid off quickly when we started to implement and test the ideas generated by the survey’s feedback.

Make it clear why you rock
When we started working with, it wasn’t immediately clear why visitors should use its site rather than one of its competitors’. The key things they decided to highlight were;

  • Lowest-price guarantee
  • Peace of mind
  • ABTA-bonded
  • No hidden charges

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