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Adwords Management
To celebrate the fact that I am now a Google Adwords Qualified Individual, I thought I would go through 78 great reasons to advertise with Google Adwords.

Easy to use

  1. No special marketing or advertising knowledge required
  2. No design expertise required
  3. Hundreds of pages of help files
  4. Hundreds of pages available on how to increase your Adwords performance
  5. Thousands of case studies to read and learn from
  6. Google Adwords training makes it easy to improve your advertising ability
  7. Automation of most tasks, like start and finish times, makes it almost risk free.
  8. Constant hints and feedback from the system lets you know when and why your ads are underperforming
  9. Get $75 worth of adwords free when you start with us!
  10. Flexible currency and billing means you can pay virtually how and when you like
  11. Most advertising functions are just a few clicks away, you can dump your spreadsheet of keywords in, and away you go.

Unrivalled reach

  1. Advertise not just, but all Google Assets including Youtube
  2. Advertise on major websites like, and and reach people at their interest points
  3. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and you can advertise in text or video on there.
  4. Search Partners such as AOL, allow you to reach 70% of all internet users.
  5. Display ads in 42 different languages
  6. Ads are served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  7. Find people that are looking for your exact product, if you are selling “Green Go-go-mobiles” you will find your market

Multi Media Advertising

  1. Video Ads – You can show 30 second video ads on YouTube or on websites that have space for video advertising
  2. In Stream Ads allow you to advertise before a normal video is played.
  3. You can use templates in the Display Ad Builder to make your own multimedia ads, no multimedia experience necessary
  4. Include animations in your advertising
  5. Flexible combinations of ad creative available, from small to large banners, to just text
  6. Share videos on YouTube and promote them to users who have already interacted with similar content
  7. New TrueView YouTube ads mean that users can choose to see your ad, which means you are only charged when there is increased engagement.

State of the Art Advertising

  1. You can test unlimited versions of Ad copy.
  2. You can use the A/B landing page tester to only serve pages that convert customers
  3. You can choose to only serve ads that convert or get clicks.
  4. Google Adwords will look at your keywords and make suggestions as to other keywords you can use to get more traffic
  5. You can include your location in your ads, if you feature in that area.
  6. Make changes to your campaign on the fly, minute by minute
  7. Start advertising instantly
  8. Make changes offline, on a spreadsheet, or through their desktop app, and post them when you are ready
  9. Integrated with Google +1 to increase social sharing of advertising
  10. Change your daily budget on peak shopping days
  11. Modify your Max CPC bids based on CTR or conversion rates
  12. Enable ad text directing users to a promotional landing pages late on a particular nights

Pin Point Accuracy

  1. Demographic targeting
  2. Location Targeting
  3. Device Targeting – iPhone, iPad, normal browser.
  4. Time of the day/week targeting
  5. Target advertising to serve on specific websites
  6. Set your bids based on thousands of variables, like website, keyword, demographic.
  7. Set your own start and stop times for a campaign
  8. Interest targeting on the display network
  9. Keyword Targetting
  10. Remarketing – reach people who have already visited your site
  11. Plan your campaign first with suggestion tools, placement tools and traffic estimators
  12. IP Exclusion means your ads can be blocked from appearing to specific groups of people
  13. New Hyperlocal advertising allows mobile users to be notified when they are near a Google advertiser.
  14. Hyperfine threading of ads to landing pages, means you can break down advertising to distinct areas and distinct calls to action

Big and Small Budgets

  1. Zero cost to use all the tools
  2. No fixed commitments
  3. No lock in contracts
  4. Costs start at $00.10 per click
  5. Start right now – sign up with us and get $75 worth of adwords for free!
  6. Cap the amount you spend
  7. Flexible bidding – bid what you think a click is worth.
  8. No upper limit to your campaigns, if you need more clicks, they are there!

Effective advertising is rewarded

  1. Get more clicks on your ads and get a lower cost per click
  2. Create more relevant ads pay a lower cost per click
  3. High Relevance with a local display option means your place + your site links show up
  4. A better quality overall campaign results in lower costs overall
  5. The best postitions (right above the search results) are only reserved for the most effective ads

Mobile Advertising

  1. Advertise on mobile applications
  2. Target based on the type of mobile phone they have
  3. Reach people when they are out and unable to reach a computer
  4. You can use mobile advertising to integrate a mobile phone number into your ads and make it one-click to a user calling you
  5. “Click to download” allows mobile application builders to encourage users to download their apps.

Usage Tracking

  1. Track the demographics of who is seeing your ads
  2. Track the performance of specific ads – pause or delete those that are not converting
  3. Track the performance of specific keywords- pause or delete those that are not converting
  4. eCommerce tracking means you can calculate what the ROI is on each individual click.
  5. Export results into a range of formats, including CSV and Excel
  6. If you use Analytics, you can see traffic analysis for just your Adwords customers

Ecommerce Integration

  1. Increase the visibility of your products through Google Merchant Centre
  2. Get charged on a “cost per action” basis, meaning that you will only be charged if a client completes a sale.



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